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Dear Online Journal,

    Today was a pretty good day for me, which is weird, because i haven't had a good day in a long time.  This is what happened.  I woke up, and got ready for a job interview at 9am, and waited until almost 10:05 before i was interviewed.  The wait was long and boring, but it did give me plenty of time to observe the work room, where they made us wait, and to observe some of the others going for the job, and some that already worked there.  Which, being a psych major, was pretty fun to talk to the others wanting the job too.  Well anyways, i wont bore you about that!  Basically, when i did finally get interviewed, the lady really liked me, and decided that she wanted to hire me.  So, now i have a job. hehe  now i can save money to buy me my own car!!! YAY!!!!  hopefully i will have a nice chunk by christmas so that i can put a down payment on something. probably not, but it's worth a try right? lol.  Don't know what i want yet though, basically something that will get me to where i want to go.
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