My NeWeSt pOeM wItH nO tItLe
WhAt HaVe I dOnE?
  i KnOw ThAt I hAvEn'T wOn
    aLl I hAvE Is HeArTaChE
      fRoM tHiS pAsSiOn ToGetHeR tHaT wE mAkE.
         nO oNe ElSe CaN kNoW
            oF tHe FeElInGs I'm TOo ScArEd To ShOw,
           NoW i KnOw FoR a FaCt,
         ThAt I nEvEr ShOuLd HaVe kIsSeD yOu BaCk.
       ThAt SeCoNd TrIp BaCk To ThE cAr
     ShOuLdN't HaVe HaPpEnEd, We WeNt TOo FaR.
       bUt It'S iN tHe PaSt AnD cAn'T bE uNdOnE
           i SiT hErE rEmInIsCiNg AnD wAnT tO rUn
               I lIkE yOu A lOt, BuT yOu DoN'T lIkE mE iN rEtUrN
             aT LeAsT, yOu dOn'T aDmIt It, wHiLe I sIt HeRe lIsTeNiNg
              tO mY sToMaChE cHuRn.
                    ThE wAy U lOoKeD aT mE,
                       aNd ThIs FeElInG i CaN't LeT bE,
                         aRe AlL a PaRt Of Me I cAn'T lEt Go
                     PuT mE oUt My MiSeRy AnD tElL mE wHaT  i DoN't
                        WaNt To kNoW,
                     tHaT u DoN't LiKe Me AnD dO nOt cArE
                      tHe FaMiLiAr FeElInGs iN lIfE i CaN't BeAr
                        hElP mE bReAk tHiS cIrClE I aM iN
                             hElP mE oNcE aGaIn To NoT fRoWn bUt To GrIn...
BaCk To HoMe PaGe
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