11 September 2004

Well then, isn't this a surprise! Well actually I promised that I would be back when the new games came out and since they've just been released - here I am! Chack back soon to see the new stats of Eevee and the Eons from the new Pokémon games Fire Red and Leaf Green Versions!

December 2003

Hey welcome back people - I'm planning on redoing this entire site soon so any suggestions are welcome. At the moment my biggest concern is the lack of information now that Eevee has become non-existent in the recent games. The new site will be up when this new info from the new Pokémon games for the Gameboy Advance are released. Until then this is all of the site that is available - have fun and don't hesitate to contact me!

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Again, thanks go out to Anipike for listing my site and reeling in traffic and Pokemasters.com for their generous permission for me to link to them for pictures. Mostly I'd like to thank the creators and all the fans out there of Pokémon of which without them I would not have begun this project in the first place.

~~ Darks Umbreon

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