It's Squee! Ain't he cute??

Squee is my favorite. I love squee. He's so cute. My nickname is Squee!!! My older brother, Josh, started calling me that. Poor Squee. His dad hates him. His mommy ignores him. He's still a good kid though. He lives by Nny. Nny used to visit him a lot. Squee thinks that Nny is gonna kill him.

Squee has a bear named Shmee. He's cute too, but if I was a little kid, it would scare me. It's creepy looking...in my opinion anyway. Squee is fun to draw. I love drawing...heehee. Anyway, I hope squee doesn't grow up to be like Johnny. That would suck. OR it could be interesting to see. Who knows? I guess we'll see. Yep yep yep. I have the First SQUEE issue. it rocks. I need to get some money and take a trip to Hot Topic to get more. I LOVE SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!


AWW! Don't you just want to hug the stuffin' outta him?? lol

Well, I guess Squee doesn't like to watch Spongebob...such a pitty. heheh

I read this whole strip. It's gross (right Kyle?? lol). I liked it. teehee!!!

Mmmyep... 1
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