Ain't I cute?? lol yeah right

This is me doing physics AS USUAL!!! IT NEVER ENDS!!!!!!! lol Yes yes yes! I'm left handed! It's a pain....grr.......

Yes, I'm a cheerleader... I thought you already knew that. heh STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! teehee

Heehee. I'm singing. :-)

This is me and my bestest friend Beth. We've been like sisters for almost 10 years.

This is my boyfriend James and his duck "Demon". If u can't see the duck, it's cuz it's black. lol But isn't James SEXY?!?!? I love him! We're gonna get married. :-)

Me and Bethy again.

This is a pic of My friends Mike (a.k.a Doofer) and Aimee.

This pic is so cute. This is Doofer and Emily (A.K.A. Slim Lady lol)

Doofer made this. It's me. I look stupid. lol I hate getting my picture taken. But it's a cool pic anyway so I'm letting you see it. So feel special. lol

This is my friend Trent. He's a cutie, no? lol

Trent again. He's so awesome!!!! :-)

This is one of my BESTEST friends, Jeff! :-)

Here's Jeffy again. heehee



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