Okay I'm even more stupider than I though (what the...did I just say stupider?) Anyway, while I was writing this, I wrote "Johnny" at the top of the page and I almost started writing a letter to him...weird. Oh, and incase you're wondering, yes I write all this shit out (at like 2:00 in the morning) before I put it on my site. What can I say? I have a lot of time on my hands seeing as I don't really have any friends (except for Beth, Terra, Niki, James, Mariah, bree and Josh...the rest are either aquaintances or online friends), not to mention the fact that it IS 2:30 in the morning and I'm not too thrilled at the thought of sleeping right now. And if those damned cheerleaders fail to catch"accidentally" drop me on my back and knock the wind outta me ONE MORE TIME, I'm gonna kill them all!!!! of rage. heheh.

Now, onto what I wanted to talk about. Johnny...I don't particularly like his name . It's my ex-boyfriends name. But that's not Nny's fault so I won't hold it against him. I still love him anyway ('s funny how I make it sound like I'm in love with a comic book character...heh...heh...yeah. I LOVE YOU JAMES!!!!) So anyway, like I said. I think there's a little "Johnny" in all of us. I'm sure you've been made fun of or laughed at before. I mean look, I'm laughing at you right now. Just kidding. And I'm sure you've thought about killing someone (maybe you HAVE killed someone. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone), or at least thought about beating the shit out of someone, or just bitch slapping them (hey! not everyone can fight!). I think Johnny is all of us. I'd go into this whole "Girl Interupted" speech, but I'm sure you've seen it already (if not, I suggest you go rent it right now). Plus I don't have the patience right now.

Nny is an artist, in my opinion (aside from his happy noodle boy comic. lol). The way he kills's not like just picking up a gun and shooting someone in the head (although that would be fun. lol). He's more creative...some how more artistic about it. Too bad he doesn't get much of a thrill out of it all the time. I would...that is, if I would actually take the time to kill someone. It's really not worth my energy. Just like breathing isn't worth my enery either. However, suicide takes up a lot more energy than breathing does and I'm just too damn lazy to do it. So my only choice is to remain living. **sigh** Truly a sad, sad world, isn't it? Wow, I'm actually amused by everything I just said. WOO!!! I feel like someone just kicked me in the head. was my door that kicked me in the head about ten minutes ago. I'm just now feeling it. Creepy. Okay, that's all...

There's a moose with a pet piggy living in this moldy laundry basket.


By the way, I'm not really suicidal. I like to play pretend. Like that one time I pulled out my BIG huge Psycho kitchen knife and pretended like I was overcome with grief and I slashed my wrists. I should get an award. lol. Yeah right. Like I would ever do something like that. I can't believe you actually believed me. MORONS!!!! Sorry, outburst.... Bye......

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