Well, my name is Kara. But all my friends call me "Squee". I'm 17. I live in a dark alley. I have a pet black cat named Shit-head. I was abducted by aliens when I was 5 and I was dropped off in this place where everyone looks and acts the same. WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?!?!? I have very few friends. I trust very few people. Cows are my friends. I like tacos. I'm gonna sing the doom song now....um....what was I saying?

I like black things...I fall down alot. I run into walls a lot. I'm not on drugs. I don't need chemicals to get this fucked up. It's natural. heehee. I look at how I am now and I'm terrified to think of how I'd be if I was on drugs. I don't want to find out. BLAH!!!!!!!!! I'm 4';. I weigh 95 pounds. I think I'm gonna die soon. I've got issues. But It makes me fun. I confuse people a lot. I confuse myself all the time. People confuse me and piss me off and...and...and...NOW! To unleash screaming temporal doom!!!

Hmm...I have a boyfriend. His name is James. I've earned the title of the "gothic cheerleader" or the "punk cheerleader" at my skool. hmm....I dunno if I should be proud of that. I joined cheerleading cuz I'm not good at any sports and I needed something to do so I wouldn't have to be at home all the time. lol. Actually I've always wanted to be a cheerleader. I know it's a contradiction, but it is something to do. And the girls on my squad are really cool. Besides, its a good way to jump around and scream and be loud without getting in trouble. But I don't like all cheerleaders, trust me. I've met tons of stuck up bitches. But I also know a lot of really cool cheerleaders.

"Go find a Cheerleader and saw her legs off."

HELLZ YA!!!! lol Johnny is my hero.

So anyway, I've been studying psychology for four years. I plan on going to college and becomeing a clinical psychologist ((I'm lying)). But I dunno, see, I love kids and...well, I think I might change my mind and maybe become a child psychologist. I dunno yet.
(((((UPDATE!!!!))))) I'm gonna be a pre-skool teacher.

Sorry for boring you. I'll be going now. FUCK YOU TOO!!!!!!!! j/k

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