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The Northern Nevada Labrador Retriever Club was established in 2002.  Currently, we are the only breed club in the state of Nevada.
In May 2003, we were granted "B" Status by the AKC. We are working on having our "A" Status by the end of 2004.

Our membership is small; however, wonderfully diverse.  Our members have a wide range of interests, including but not limited to, conformation, hunting test, agility, obedience, tracking, therapy work and search & rescue.

Our club is dedicate to the betterment of the breed and our goals are to promote responsible dog ownership and breeding. We also want to show the versitlity of the breed, most of all enjoy our dogs.

Currently, the Labrador is the #1 breed in popularity in the USA. They have been at the top in the AKC rankings for several years now.  However, this does come with a disadvanged to the breed. Because they are also the #1 dog to be found in Animal Shelters and Rescue organizations.  Puppies are not for everyone, before you buy that adorable Lab pup, consider adopting a rescue dog instead.

Click here to see Labs in the Northern Nevada area in need of being adopted.
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