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The NNHGPGC has a number of sites in Norfolk to fly Hang Gliders and Paragliders. As with other Clubs, our sites are sensitive and we ask that members and visiting pilots observe the information below.

It is advised that you telephone -
Angie Chettleburgh 01603 716237 or David Wootton 01366 383817 before flying any of the following sites.

Winch sites -

Tow Launch
Winching At Sculthorpe

RAF Sculthorpe (Joint Services Hang Gliding And Paragliding Site)
Directions - 2nd gate on right just off the B1454. Turn on to the B1454(Docking) by Q8 petrol station on the A148 King’s Lynn / Fakenham Road.
Access - Weekends and Bank Holidays only.
Wind Directions - All
Notes - This is MoD property.

RAF Coltishall(Joint Services Hang Gliding And Paragliding Site)
Directions - B1150 from Norwich, in Coltishall village follows signs to main gate RAF Coltishall.
Access - Weekends and Bank Holidays only. Subject to MoD approval to Club.
Wind Directions - SW / NE
Notes - RAF active Base. This site is only used with prior arrangement. ID has to be shown at Guard house before access can be gained.

Tow Launch
Hang Glider launching on the winch.

East Farm, Nordelph
Directions - A1122 Downham Market / Wisbech
Access - Weekends after pea and wheat harvest (July to October)
Wind Directions - All
Notes - This is private farm land, access only on designated flying days.

Coastal sites -

It is advised that new members visitors speak to experienced members before flying any of these sites, as each site has it’s own peculiarities. We generally, have had no problems with the locals flying these sites. If confronted, please be polite, ask for their name and telephone number and inform David Wootton.

Old Hunstanton
Directions - A149 to Old Hunstanton, turn left by miniature golf and then right by lighthouse. Enter car park (fee) - park in the far corner.
Take Off - Sand dune at end of cliffs.
Landing - Beach
Wind Direction - 320 dgs.
Notes - PG’s inflate on beach, walk up dune and fly to the left.

West Runton Hang Glider
Hang Glider About To Launch At West Runton

West Runton
Directions - A149 Sheringham / Cromer, turn left down Water Lane in West Runton, by the ‘Village Inn’. Follow track and enter Car Park (fee) Drive through car park and park by dunes.
Take Off - Eroded cliff slope.
Landing - Top Landing / Beach
Wind Direction - 00 dgs
Notes - Top landing PG’s only. Care when beach landing at high tide. It is advised when beach landing to land near car park, to save long walk along the beach below cliffs.

West Runton Paragliding
Paraglider Soaring Cliffs At West Runton

Directions - B1159 Cromer / Mundesley. Turn left and up past Hoseasons holiday cottages, park at top by lighthouse.
Take Off - Cliff edge, beyond lighthouse, backing on to Golf course.
Landing - Top Landing PG’s only / Beach
Wind Direction - 30 dgs
Notes - Top landing is only for experienced pilots, do not go beyond path - severe rotor. Be aware of golfers, do not inflate wing’s whilst they are playing a shot.

Cromer Paragliding
Soaring Cliffs At Cromer

Directions - B1159 Cromer / Mundesley. Take last left turning, going out of village ( Coast Road) and into a bungalow estate.
Take Off - Grassed slope over wooden fence, where eroded cliff has been repaired.
Landing - Top Landing PG’s only / Beach
Wind Direction - 40 dgs
Note - Telephone cable on cliff corner towards Cromer. Do not launch amongst newly planted trees. Houses and tel. cables directly behind launch area.

Soaring Cliffs
Soaring Cliffs Overstrand

Directions - B1159 Cromer / Mundesley - turn left down Vale Road, as you enter the village.
Take Off - from cliff edge by bench - or - lower down on grass bank.
Landing - Top landing PG’s only / Beach
Wind Direction - 40 dgs.

Directions - B1159 Cromer coast road - through Mundesley, turn left by Windmill. Signed to Holiday camp. Pass Holiday camp, road turns to dirt road, follow to grass area on cliff top.
Take Off - from cliff edge.
Landing - Top landing PG’s only - Beach landings, try to land near Mundesley as car retrieve is possible close to beach.
Wind Direction - 45 dgs.
Note - Approx. 1 mile to the right is Bacton Gas terminal - high powered microwave aerials. Not recommended to those who might wish to be parents !!

Directions - Opposite Pleasure Wood Hills Amusement Park - between Gt.Yarmouth and Lowestoft
Take Off - flat area above dunes, turn left on take off to reach cliffs 200m away.
Landing - Top Landing / Beach
Wind Direction - 65 dgs
Note - To the right of take off is an old military pill box - do not fly beyond as this area is used by model flyers.

Club Membership Fees -

£35 annual membership - Annual memberships fees are collected in December
All Club members have to be members of the BHPA
Club Annual General Meeting in December
Visiting Day membership - £5.00

Tow tickets -

£1.50 per tow (Payable to Angie Chettleburgh at the end of each flying day)
Books of tow tickets are available - payable in advance £50 for 50 tkts. or £12.50 for 10 tkts.
(Computer log is kept daily - logging all flights, tow tkts, pilot, winch operator, quad rider etc.)

Flying Information -

The Clubs Membership Secretary, Angie Chettleburgh, deals with all new membership inquiries and as a contact point for information on week-end flying. Members are asked to telephone Angie, on a Thursday evening to show they’re interest in flying at the week-end. With enough members interested, Angie will then leave a telephone answering message on Friday evening, saying where and at what time the Club is meeting. Tel. No. - 01603 716237 (This number is listed on the Club contact page in Skywings)

Tow Conversions -

Tow conversions are £35 which includes 1st years membership - a minimum BHPA Hill Club Pilot rating is required. The Club is unable to offer tow conversions to non-members. Club coach will require to see your BHPA membership card, before Tow conversions can commence. Pilots requiring Tow conversions must supply thier own Tow bridle. The Club has purchased a few Paragliding bridles to sell to new members. If you wish to buy a bridle, please tell Angie when arranging your visit the cost is £40.

Dual Hang Gliding Flights -

Dual flights are available to the members of the public. The pilots involved are qualified BHPA Dual rated pilots experienced in tow launched flights. Before embarking on a dual flight, participants must pay for and be issued with BHPA Temporary Membership. Participants must note and sign as having read the risk warning printed on the Certificate. Costs - Dual flight including BHPA and NNHGPGC Temporary Membership are - Adults - £10.00 Under 18 - £6.00 Subsequent flights
(subject to availability) on the same day £4.00 per flight.

New Members / Visitors -

The North Norfolk Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club welcomes all new members and visiting pilots, we ask that members become actively involved in the Club, whether this be driving the Quad bike or being a launch co-ordinator. Club Coaches are there, to give training to new members in winch operating and launch co-ordinating. All members are required to help with the setting up of equipment and putting away each day. Various jobs need doing to get us flying, so your help in refueling, putting out windsocks etc. would be appreciated and gets us all in the air sooner.
The Club regularly organises evening barbecues or pub meals after flying. We will be pleased if you will join us. Trips to other sites are also organised, plus one Alpine trip per year. The Club also attends the BHPA “All Out Free Flying Festival“ and AGM at Telford. For further information, please speak to Club Committee members.

Club Committee:

Tow Launch
Club Membership Secretary

Chairman / Kevin Baldwin - 01502 560667
Membership Secretary / Angie Chettleburgh - 01603 716237
Secretary / David Wootton - 01366 383817
Treasurer / Tony Beckett - 01603 400606
HG Safety Officer / Al Robertson - 01603 716237
PG Safety Officer / Ed Bishop - 01603 712142
Comps. Secretary / Barry Freeman - 01603 788137

The Club can be emailed on -

[email protected]
[email protected]

BHPA contact -

Telephone 0116 261 1322
By email [email protected]
Web site

PE34 3NJ
TEL/FAX     (44) 01366 383817
[email protected]
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