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I am Shri Narendra Nath Baruah, popularly known as N.N. Baruah. I was born at a remote village of the far North East corner of Assam (India). The name of my village is Baligaon in Dhakuakhana Mouza, in Lakhimpur district. The area is very backward and underdeveloped .
The irony is that even after 55 years of independance , a part of my village separated by   river Charikaria is still not having the modern amenities like electricity , telephone etc  including my parental house where my mother (85) still stays. The part on north of the river  has grown into a small township after its elevation to sudivisional H.Q. Some semblance of modern life is visible there. But a  large area with tribal population on south of the river  upto the bank of the mighty river Brahmaputra, 9 km away from my native village is still under the grip of darkness where   we miss   even a motorable road. The Assam Government has not thought it fit to develop this area. May be because of being a tribal constituency (!) and because it could not produce a Chief Minister or a strong political leader worth his salt. Fortunately I could manage to settle permanently at Guwahati, the premier city of Assam.
The noted literature Homen Borgohain who also stays in  Guwahati hails from the same village where I was born.

A Civil Engineer by profession after graduation in 1961 in  Civil Engineering from Assam Engineering College, Jalukbari, Guwahati, I served under Assam PWD for long 32 + years  before superannuation on 1st of September, 1993. I started my service career on 16th of June 1961.

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Sandeep Baruah and Vikram Baruah
My Son & grandson (Sandeep, New Delhi, 2002)

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NN Baruah and Basanti Baruah

Me and my wife (1985)

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By Lane No. 8,
Sub-Lane 3 (East),
Assam. Phone: 0361-543340

E-mail: [email protected]
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If you want to know about ham radio, you can visit my Son Sandeep,s homepage!

My Grandson Vikram in New Delhi

My grandson (Vikram) in Delhi (February, 2002)

My Grandson Anshuman in South Tripura
My grandson (Anshuman) at Udaipur, South Tripura (2001)





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