General Secretary of Dravida Peravai N.Nandhivarman runs an experimental political party. Dravida Peravai was registered with Election Commission of India from 25.10.1996.It completes a decade of service on 25.10.2006. Plans are afoot to compile the issues for which it fought, the causes it espoused, the projects it advocated, the opinions it expressed, the struggles it undertook in this decade. 

Novel Agitation

Among its agitations, a novel agitation deserves mention. To awaken the Members of Parliament chosen from Tamil Nadu from the slumber Dravida Peravai asked the Poets of Pondicherry to recite poems in its protest meeting called " Thamizhar Katchigalluku Thirupalliezhuchi" which meant poetic awakening of political parties on Tamil Nadu issues.

On vital demands of Tamils and Tamil Nadu, the people's elected representatives fail to perform and are sleeping, hence to awaken them Poets of Pondicherry in a street corner meeting recited poems, and this novel protest held on 20.10.2002 aimed at provoking Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry Members of Parliament to raise their voice on the question of justifiable water needs in Cauvery river, regaining  of Katcha Tivu from Srilanka, Citizenship issue of Plantation Tamils of Srilanka, interlinking of Ganga Cauvery rivers, speedy implementation of Sethu Samudram Canal project etc. The Center must declare Tamil as classical language and our representatives must fight for attaining this goal. The Chozha history was deleted from the school text books prepared by the National Council for Education & Research. Condemning this and urging our parliamentarians to fight out the cultural invasion against Tamils poets used poetry as weapon to make our members do the work for which people have chosen them. Dinamani Tamil Daily described this as novel protest.

Code of Conduct for Partymen

The rules and regulations of Dravida Peravai registered with Election Commission of India contains a code of conduct for party functionaries. a] A party functionary must be proficient in Thirukural and must be secular in outlook. b] A party functionary must consider " Every country is my country, Everyone is my kinsmen" as Poet Kaniyan Poongundranaar says. In short galaxial thinking pushing the borders of human consciousness is the single most important duty of the party functionary. c] A party functionary must not fall at the feet of the leaders, must not indulge in flattery, must not add suffixes or prefixes to original names. d] A party functionary must identify him with the common man and hence adopt simple living and should not even publicize educational qualifications, honorary doctorates, or titles before or after the name, as such high sounding titles degrees and suffixes distances the common man for whose sake party is founded e] A party functionary must disclose his assets and liabilities before public and take an oath that any property in excess of the declared assets is established to be in his possession after his term in the various forums of democracy expires such assets will be transferred to the party trust, which will be floated simultaneously on floating of this party. Such Trust known as Annaist Trust will work for unifying Tamil brethren and educate rationalism and proletarian internationalism to the common man. f] Anyone who is an eve-teaser, womanizer or has more than one wife or anyone connected with the crime against woman shall not be admitted into the party. If anyone after becoming  a member raises enough suspicion in the minds of the governing committee shall be dismissed from the party immediately. g] Anyone connected with Cofeposa, Fera etc or has criminal records or is known to be a goonda and rowdy in the locality he lives, will not be admitted into the party. Any party functionary availing the services of anti-social elements during public agitations or elections shall be suspended by the General Secretary pending an inquiry by a committee constituted by the governing body. Once that committee confirms the allegation, the suspension will automatically become dismissal. h] To enforce strict adherence to moral, ethical and rational standards a National Disciplinary Committee will be chosen by the General Council. Such a committee of three will decide on all matters of inner party discipline and external social behaviour of a party functionary. i] Any functionary who tries to dilute the rational and scientific temper built by the Dravidian Movement and its leaders like Periyar E.V.R, Aringnar Anna and anyone who espouses religious fundamentalism or embraces castiest outfits or platforms will not be eligible to get party tickets for any elections be it for party posts or for Parliamentary/assembly/Municipalty/ Panchayats or whatever posts party has to make a choice..

With such strict code of conduct it is but natural that the usual party seekers have not joined the party. Undeterred by the slow growth in numbers, Dravida Peravai had been in limelight in this decade.

Media chronicles our Movement

The 15 party Land- House Grabbing Committee headed by Dravida Peravai marks a fierce struggle against land mafia in Pondicherry. Below is the story in The Week by E.Vijayalakshmi on December 6 -1998.

Operation Land Grab Phase I 1970-1997

The manufacture of bogus land records by retired officials of Revenue Department marks the Phase I of the “operation land/house grab”. My complaint to then Defence Minister George Fernandes is the first exposure. The then  Superintendent of Police Vigilance and Anti Corruption caught red handed the 5 criminals, erstwhile revenue officials who were manufacturing bogus land documents. My complaint stood proven by this raid. That is the end of the matter. The criminals escaped law by getting acquittal in local courts against which Pondicherry Government did not go for an appeal, the reasons of politics behind land grabbing could thus be understood. 

Operation Land Grab Phase II  1998-2001

This land grabbing issue ignited  a massive public agitation. 15 political parties sat for one day hunger strike before RajNiwas demanding CBI probe. 12 political leaders led by me called on the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, then Home Minister L.K.Advani on 17.12.1998 and 19.12.1998 and handed over memorandum running into many pages. Pondicherry Administration sought complaints by gazette notification. 

[Below: Delegation meeting leaders L.K.Advani, Mr.Subramanian Swamy and  memorandum to  George Fernandes]


More than 108 complaints were received. The investigative journals Out Look and The Week did investigative stories. CBI inquiry came which is sent to cold storage. Most complainants had to settle with the grabbers, thereby absolving criminals from their guilt. In one case High Court of Madras directed Pondicherry Land Survey Department to do the needful to measure and mark the area of dispute, so that which area belongs to original owner and which to grabber could be known. More than 7 directions, I hear, were ignored. 

Operation  Land Grab Phase III.  2004-2006

Various news organs have carried out in detail about this phase involving senior police official and  was brought to Central Vigilance Commission’s notice. Now too the end will be closing the file or sending to cold storage. Our faith in investigation and punishments stands totally eroded, due to system failure. Dravida Peravai approached the Supreme Court through W.P. no 70 of 2004 seeking time bound CBI inquiry into the Land grab matter but our writ was dismissed with the observation that we should go to High Court under 226 instead of coming to Supreme Court. A public spirited person can fight a public cause only up to certain limit. When my property is not involved when I have no personal enmity against anyone, I have fought till last, I believe. That is the end.

Struggle for Democratic functioning of Aurobindo Ashram

  Another prolonged struggle relates to the democratization of Aurobindo Ashram Trust. My interview telecasted in Sun TV Nijam A Crime Report is a hard hitting public exposure of what is happening within Ashram.[ CD will be sent to those who seek it]


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Dravida Peravai (Dravidian Front), is a political party in Pondicherry, India. The DP was formed in 1996 by a break-away faction of the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam. ... present Party General Secretary is N. Nandhivarman. The DP strives to unite Tamils and impart ... Internet, by N. Nandhivarman Sethusamudram Seaway Dream of Anna Nandhivarman On Tamil ...
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[Compiled by : N.J.Karthikeyan B.A.B.Ed.B.L Youth wing Secretary Dravida Peravai]

N.Nandhivarman General Secretary Dravida Peravai 39 Montorsier Street Pondicherry 605001 India

Deputy General Secretary : Narambai A.Kanagasabai : Treasurer M.Mahalingam

Organizing Secretary : Syed Khader

email : [email protected]

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