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      This website is designed for
                  Rita & Ashley

     As most of us know that times
are very hard for Rita and Ashley. Rita works a full time job and at night works a part time job. Ashley works after school and on weekends to pay for Attorney fees, filing fees and bonds on the cash in Jerry's estate. They are also making payments on Jerry's debt. Hoping Ashley will get to keep her grandparents estate. Rita had to borrow money against her jeep and borrowed 2 personal loans from the bank to pay for these things. Rita has stated that she just can not walk away from protecting what Carol,Lanny and Jerry worked so hard to give Ashley.
Some of you may look at it like, I have heard someone say before. Every kid has to start from nothing. And your right, they do. And Ashley will start from almost nothing. Both of the homes are  in terrible shape.Couldnt sell them for much at all. There will have to be alot of work done to them sure. But those are part of her life. Her granny loved Muscle Shoals and her pa loved Cherokee. And before the child was 16, she lost her whole life. Her granny,pa and daddy. That should be enough to make you want to help alittle.       
So many things have happened over the past year. Some great, some not very good. We have been by Rita And Ashleys side since they moved home a few weeks after Jerry passed away. Ashley is now making A's and B's and wants to be a doctor like her daddy's Aunt Gail. They both try to hide the worry. But all of us can see it. Ashley has grown up so much. Has become a very responsible young
lady. Rita is not doing so good. She worries about so much.  Rita and Ashley would probably be upset if they knew I was telling this. But it might help you to understand. I heard Rita on Christmas eve ask Ashley in Ashleys room if she would go with her to visit daddy.(ASHLEYS DAD). Ashley refused to go. Told Rita when there is a headstone there saying that it was her daddy she could go. But it upset her knowing they couldnt afford to get him one right now. Rita told Ashley she was so sorry that it would take time. But when they got the money it would be the prettiest headstone she would ever see, she said I promise baby. It was a very sad moment for me to standing on the outside of the closed bedroom door. Rita talks about how if it were'nt for Jerry's aunt Gail she don't know what they would have done. She is so greatful for her and hopes for the day she can give back to Gail for Jerry's services. As you can see this is a website that we hope will land in the hands of people that really care. Ones who will to make a donation of any amount. Rita set up an account on paypal last year to sell handmade quits, wholesale jewrly and many other things to pay some of the debt. Paypal is a secure site, your information is never sold. It is like going into a shopping center and swiping your card. That easy and that protected. We will never see a transaction or handle any money. The money that you donate will go directly into the account Rita set up. She will recieve your message and transactions. Please bookmark this site and visit often. We will post how things are going and add pictures as soon as we get them from Ashley and Rita. The email address is [email protected]
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