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Other topics of interest

Welcome to n m dixit's web page of general knowledge and information.



Here I have tried to cover as many topics as possible and have made efforts to give as much information available with me on each topic.The topics are mostly concerned with issues connected with India and also to some extent outside India also.So wherever no reference is made to any country,it shoud be taken as referring to India.

To make the whole operation of getting the information interesting & quiz type(in "General Knowledge"), it is given in the question & answer form.When you go to the General Knowledge page,you will see a list of topics(like politics,sports etc.).When any of these topics is clicked,a number of questions will appear. To get the answer to any of these questions you have to just keep the mouse over the question. The answer will slide down.The whole thing should be enjoyed as a game/quiz.

In other topics, such as'About India','Health', 'Hindu Religion','Music'and'other topics of interest'. you will get the information when you click on the sub titles. While going through these pages if you get the information you require ,my purpose of constructing the site will be served.I have also tried to give some useful information on "Health".I hope this information will be practically useful.

In case you donot find the information wanted by you please donot hesitate to inform me.I will try to accomodate it.Your frank opinion about the site will be highly appreciated .

n m dixit

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