The new crop of contestants will live among the Mayan ruins and in the course of several weeks, betray and humiliate each other in a mad, internecine dash for the $1 million prize.  What locations will CBS think of next? Rwanda? Auschwitz? Or Springfield, where 24 people have been shot, stabbed and beaten todeath in less than 24 months? Survivor

AriadneMedia Inc.
May 2007 ~ Present
AriadneMedia Inc. focuses on creating content that strengthens the Latino communities. Its first project was to create, a resource web site that provides news, views and information on Latinos nationwide. From channels on Hispanic Heritage Month to the Hispanic Congressional Caucus to blogs, Linklatinos is a source for Latinos. AMI also launched La Prensa del oeste de Massachusetts, a monthly bilingual print magazine on arts, culture and politics in Western Massachusetts. It is available online only at

Multi-Media Journalist
Reporter, Editor, Graphic Designer, Video Producer, Radio Co-host

1985 ~ present
Have worked for Spanish- and English-language daily, weekly and monthly print and web publications in Puerto Rico, United States and Spain.

Newspapers   Editor The San Juan Star and El Vocero (Puerto Rico)
Writer The New York Daily News (Contributor from San Juan)
Editor El Diario La Prensa (New York)
Writer The Associated Press (Barcelona, Spain)
Writer The Republican (Massachusetts)
* Book Editor and designer Jaime Ben�tez: Discursos (Universidad Interamericana, PR)
? Magazines Editor Latina
Writer Ms.
Writer Metropolitan Barcelona
Editor TV Guide en espa�ol
* Web Editor, portal for news, views and information
* Editor, monthly magazine on arts, blogs, politics in WMass
* Video Co-Producer and writer Vieques: Worth Every Bit of Struggle
* Radio Writer Noticias WVFR 103.3 FM (Northampton MA)
Board of Trustees, Holyoke Community College; Board of Directors,
Springfield Technical Community College WTCC Radio;
Board of Advisors, WGBY Public Television;
Co-Founder, Enlace Latino for Immigrants; Amherst Community Television
2005 Publick Occureneces Award
"The Forgotten Class: The Latino Education Gap"
Group award for The Republican

2005 New England AP News Executives Association
First Place for Best Writing
" Youth in Crisis"
Staff  award for The Republican

2005 Grand Prix
Ljubljana Biennial Graphics Arts
'Vieques" documentary
Group award for San Juan PR

2005 First Place in New Hampshire
National Creative Competition Association � Design
For logo for Ravenhouse International

Bilingual, Spanish and English
Graphics arts
Final Cut Pro
PC and Mac
Quark and PageMaker
Some HTML , Dreamweaver
N A T A L I A  M U N O Z
Alizabeth Showers is not yet 21 and already she yearns for innocence. This is what losing two friends to homicide does to a young person. Courage
Minority is a damaging word in certain circumstances. It's OK to use in reference to the "minority leader" in the House of Representatives. It's fine for describing the dissenting view from high court justices. But I don't like it to be used in reference to me because I'm Puerto Rican, nor in regards to the other 40 million Latinos here. That's just too many people to call a minority. Word
Carmelo Loran watched a documentary about the Iraq War, and the arm that he doesn't have ached for the wounded soldiers.Veteran
In the heart of Philadelphia, powerful political leaders brought boxes of chocolate and flowers to court the Latino vote. In reality, the chocolate was their sweet talk and the flowers their accomplishments. Woo
President Josiah Bartlet, a liberal former New Hampshire governor in his second term in the White House, is played by Spanish-Irish-American Martin Sheen, aka Martin Estevez. On the same television show, "The West Wing," Jimmy Smits plays a former Texas lawmaker named Matt Santos who has just announced his candidacy for president. This is not a dream. President
It's not until you hear her voice that Smiley seems friendly. First you see the toughness in the hard posture and wonder if there are any other tattoos you can't see. There are, and living up to her name, the Holyoke outreach worker shows them with a smile and with the pride of a good museum tour guide who shares little-known details of famous masterpieces. Smiley
Nelson Rosario stood proud as he watched the Dominican Republic flag rise on the pole in front of Holyoke City Hall Feb. 14 in a ceremony to mark the country's founding. It was Valentine's Day, a day not celebrated in the West Indian nation. But for the few Dominicans who braved the cold that morning, the lovely, triumphant day was also about love. Love of the country they left behind. Rosario
He knows that scorpions can fly in the Iraqi desert. That spiders as big as his hand crawl on whatever and whoever they please. That killing is one point of war and that war is, in his own words, "a horrible act, an immoral act." War
Charley was positioned just below La Habana province of Cuba, spinning in the weird counter clockwise manner of all hurricanes. Then it charged northbound. Its winds blasted through Old Habana's narrow cobblestone streets at up to 140 mph. From space, Charley looked like a hurried erasure job to rid the island of its western end. It seemed like the U.S. media had the same idea. Cuba
When Ines Arrubla saunters on stage, every step smolders. Her long fingers snap inaudibly but with conviction. Her high-heeled red shoes click and stamp, releasing rolling, rhythmic surges of unabashed, breathless pleas, incited by deep pain, endless longing and steely pride.Flamenco
My grandmother was passionate about the movies. For 20 years, she took my two older sisters and me to more than 100 movies. We saw "Camelot" at least five times, "The Sound of Music" even more. "Bambi" once. Cine
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