16 July 2004

I want to say thanks to everyone for your messages while we were travelling. It was amazing to visit distant relatives and old friends and have them welcome us with open arms. All this travel has left us with one definite feeling.... we want to do more!

Right now we're all moved back home to Silvester Street, I've got a great job, and even Alana doesn't mind her job!!! We're just about to start setting up our house the way it used to be (drum kit in the corner, big mess downstairs)

So really what I'm trying to say is that it's with more than a hint of sadness that I now declare this part of our travels officially over. :( I will be maintaining this site now that we are home, with pictures from the minutae of our daily life, so check back every now and then!

Nick and Alana

4 June 2004

Still here? I'm impressed! It has taken me a long time to put up Turkey but there it is, more mosques than you can shake a stick at.

I have managed to get myself a job, now we are just waiting for our tenant to move out of our house so we can move back home and give Alanas parents the downstairs half of their house back!

Shortly I'll put the last of the pictures up, and then I'm thinking I might post a few of the larger ones so you can print them out if you want. I recommend able to copy for all your colour printing... plus my dear brother Mick gave me some of their web space :)

Nick and Alana

15 May 2004

What's that yellow thing in the sky? oh thats right its the sun! We landed in Brissy airport about a week ago and we are currently settling back into our old Aussie lifestyle. Our house becomes vacant in just over a month, and we just got ourselves a car, and Alana just got herself a job. All thats left is for me to pull my finger out and get a job!

I still have a couple of galleries to put up: Turkey, New York and Hawaii, so stay tuned, it aint over yet!!

Nick and Alana

29th April 2004

OK, we have returned from our middle east adventure in one piece. A great time was had by all, I am so glad I made the effort to put some pictures up because it was such a long tour, I was just looking at the Egypt pictures and remembering what we got up to!

We are counting down the days till we return to sunny OZ, though we are also attempting to make the most of the time we have here. Today we are in London, and will be staying here for a couple of days before flying to New York, Los Angeles and Hawaii. We are currently on debt damage control.... must get a job as soon as I return!!!

Nick and Alana

24th April 2004

Hi there from Eceabat, just around the corner from ANZAC cove. We are camped at the Dardanelles, and the town has been rapidly filling up with Australians and New Zealanders. Tonight we head out to the dawn service, on the beach at ANZAC cove, to await the dawn service. Yesterday we visited the memorial musem and it was hard work to hold the tears back.

Everyone, keep your eyes glued to the telly (particularly the ABC and Nine) because you might see our scruffy selves climbing out of a tent!

Nick and Alana

17th April 2004

If you're getting strange headaches, why don't you come visit Dr A. Jazzar, Neurochirurgien. His sign is just outside the grubby window of the internet cafe I'm sitting in right now. I'm in Allepo, Syria today.

As we've been rattling and flapping around Syria in our Scania trucks, I've been looking and looking but I can't seem to see any weapons of mass destruction anywhere. Mind you, I could probably buy something similar in some of the bazaars here, if only I could recognise something, anything!!

Here you can buy a camel haunch, sniff some spices, get your shoes fixed, eat some ice cream, get run over by a three wheeled car/motorbike thing, buy a discman or visit the Mosque, its going off!!

Nick and Alana

8th April 2004

Greetings from Aqaba in Jordan. This is at the pointy southern end of Jordan, sandwiched between Palestine and Saudi Arabia, with Iraq to the east(gulp). So far its just a cleaner version of Egypt, though the men here can be a bit 'forward' to the ladies on our tour. (Alana is worth 10,000 camels... if camels weren't so uncomfortable maybe I would trade her in)

A couple of days ago we climbed Mt Sinai, where Moses received the ten commandments. It is a very long way up!!! All i can say is, Moses must have had a helicopter. We climbed up the 2000 metres in the dark (under a full moon) and when we returned by daylight, I was suprised that we made it in one piece.

So, a long and painful ferry journey later (waiting, waiting, waiting, being gawked at by thousands of men, myself enjoying a stomach bug) we have arrived in Jordan, to find our accomodation was the roof of a hotel (with a fantastic view)

So to everyone, happy Easter, and enjoy your long weekend. I don't know what the Moslems do for easter but we will probably find out.

Nick and Alana

3rd April 2004

Egypt is a very different place. If you wish to cross the road, just put your faith in Allah, close your eyes, and step into the 7 lanes of honking traffic, it worked for us, many times! If you want to get to the pyramids of Giza, don't walk, catch a handy camel! If you want to go to the valley of the kings, you need to cross the nile then leap on a nearby donkey for a bone jarring ride through the villages and up the highway, past the tourist buses!

These are just some of the cool things we've done in Egypt. We also travelled from Aswan (southern Egypt, close to the border of Sudan) up the nile in Feluccas, a special boat with a single big sail and lots of room on board for reclining. It took us three days to travel about thirty kilometres up the river, but we didn't go on the cruise because it would be fast!

Today I'm writing this from Dahab, on the Red Sea. Just over the sea we can just make out Saudi Arabia (if you squint). To get here we sat on a bus for 24 hours (ouch) and crossed the Suez canal in a very unremarkable tunnel. Here in Dahab we have been snorkelling and checking out the amazing coral and fearless fish. In a couple of days we will be getting on a ferry and going to Jordan, just around the corner from all those other countries that are always on the news.

We will try and put some pictures up for you all soon!

Nick and Alana

19th March 2004

We have just returned from our four day jaunt around the Aegean sea (a region of the mediterranean). We visited Mykonos, Kusidasi and ruined Ephessus (in Turkey), Crete, Rhodes, Patmos and Seismic Santorini. There is a lot of history around here, but there is also a lot of mess and cars honking their horns!!!

Athens is just starting to dig holes in the middle of the road etc. in an effort to be ready for the Olympic games. All I can say is good luck getting finished in time fellas!

Nick and Alana

14th March 2004

Just so you don't think this travelling stuff is all glamour... I have replaced our smiling faces with a picture from our long and boring wait at Athens Airport :)

Nick and Alana

13th March 2004

Hey all. If you want to print out some of our pictures (hey, who wouldn't!!!), I'll need to email you the high resolution versions of them. If you try and print them from the web site they'll be all pixellated. The versions that I can email you should be able to be printed on an A4 sheet. So if you want to print some, can you send me the gallery name and a synopsis of the caption and I'll email it to you.

Back to the running commentary... since our last message we've moved on to Greece, the land of olives, goats cheese, and really old buildings!... oh yeah and the olympics

First stop after Prague was the little island of Corfu. We had to spend ten knee jarring, elbow rubbing, head scratching hours on the bus to get there from Athens but it was worth it. We stayed at The Pink Palace, where at any time there could be between two and thirty fellow travellers. The pink palace is on Agios Gordios Beach, and as it was the low season, the nearby village had a population of one fisherman and three dogs. During the tourist season, the place fills right up. The Pink Palace was good value for money as well as a good time and I recommend it if you think you can take the bus ride!

Today we are back in Athens, and we just visited the Acropolis, where my camera promptly ran out of batteries!! We have a couple more days here and around the islands, then on to Egypt and Turkey, culminating in a visit to Gallipoli on Anzac day.

Nick and Alana

1st March 2004

Hi there from chilly Prague, the land of fairytale castles and ludicrously cheap meals and pints of pilsener for 25 Crowns (about 1 Australian dollar).

Prague is a little more exotic than any of our destinations so far as not as many people speak English. They are just as likely to be speaking Polish or German (and of course Czech, the national language).

What is Prague most well known for? Good King Wencelas (who was not a King but apparently he was 'good').

It's been quite chilly here over the past few days however yesterday definitely took the cake, it was about -1C in the afternoon and within 3 hours it was -7C and snowing and windy! Although because it was windy it felt more like -20C!

We are off to Corfu tomorrow and looking forward to the warmer weather! Until next time.

Nick and Alana

17th February 2004

This evening we're coming to you from Galway in Ireland. I must say that Galway is a lot prettier than Dublin. We are two days into our Shamrocker tour of Ireland, and although Ireland is very beautiful, it isn't quite as beautiful as Scotland... though perhaps we're biased as Scotland is where our roots are!!!

Nick and Alana

13th February 2004

Just a quick message from the North West of Scotland. We have almost completed our Haggis Scotland tour, and what an amazing time it has been. Scotland is a very rugged and beautiful place, I could definitely stay here a lot longer!!

I added three gallerys last night so I've almost caught up with the pictures. The next gallery to go up will be Scotland, we can't wait to show you all!

Nick and Alana

8th February 2004

We just arrived in Edinburgh this morning, we have been very busy since our last message!

Whilst waiting for our Czech and Egyptian visas to be processed we visited Brighton and strolled up the (freezing) pier arm in arm. Then we went for a drive to Essex to visit Alanas rellie Vanessa, where we went for a stroll through some country lanes, past the old abbey, over a stream past the mill pond, and phew after all that hard work we ended up at the pub.

We departed London on a sunny Thursday in our hire car and drove straight to Rachels (school friend) place in North Wales. Wales is a very lovely place, it looks like it came straight out of 'The Hobbit'. We stayed in Rachels beautiful cottage which is older than the discovery of Australia!

Next we drove to Windemere (in the Lakes district in Cumbria). This is another beautiful but almost spooky place, with its slate buildings, rolling green hills and Lake Windemere dominating the view.

After staying at the Windemere backpackers hostel (ie no hot water, need to get up early to take advantage of the complimentary breakfast!), we drove to Glasgow and then on to Kilsyth. Kilsyth is the home of many of Alanas relatives and we received a very warm Scottish welcome.

So now we find ourselves in Edinburgh, another city with a lot of character. We are just about to go check out the huge castle, smack bang in the middle of the city. They certainly built it in a scenic spot, on a large hill overlooking the entire city.

PS thankyou so much to friends and relatives who have given us a warm welcome and a soft bed to sleep in during our travels!!!

Nick and Alana

23rd January 2004

We have returned from our first big travelling adventure in one piece. It was quite an adventure. When I finally put some pictures up I'll tell you what happened!

Rather than completing our tour with everyone else, we jumped off at Amsterdam and went to visit our relatives in Soest (south of Amsterdam)... luckily everyone speaks great english in Holland! Thanks to Anne and Gert for putting us up... its easy to fit six people and three cats into a two bedroom thatched cottage if you try!

After we all got back to sunny London, we fare-welled Mick and Wendy who are as I speak getting sore arses from their plane ride home. In five weeks I only beat Mick at chess once.... next time!

After we tie up some lose ends here in London we will be moving out of Rotherhithe and visiting Scotland and Ireland for three weeks. That should be very interesting and er... very cold!!

PS We have so many pictures that I wanted to get them up in a hurry so I've started using Yahoo photos.... I can't put captions on unfortunately :(

Nick and Alana

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