Almost anyone can become a millionaire and the speed to become one is astonishing. Every 60 seconds, someone in the world becomes a millionaire. It�s not difficult to become a millionaire if you have a proven system of financial success to follow. This website is just about that � to search and publish findings that are crucial to your financial success. [Warning: Do not think this website is about selling books. Recommended books are resources you should leverage upon. Leverage is the speed of your success.]

The world of investment and business is vast. The evolution is astronomical in the last three decades. Nearly every rules of the game have been broken. However, certain fundamental rules or laws remain unchanged and these are the principles you must know.

Millionaire Maker is a game no different from a game of golf. Golf is a simple and yet challenging game. Rules of the game must be understood. A coach is needed to improve the game � the success rate and the speed of success. Always practice to sharpen the skills. Psychology training is crucial to improve the mind and game.

Are you ready for your Millionaire Maker rules? First, pursue the Enlightened Way. Second, work smart then work hard � work smart by leveraging the surrounding resources and creating a multiple streams of income; and work hard by focusing on the activities that leads to the person you want to be. Third, understand the rules of the game � the best part is that rules can be broken through creative thinking.

If you are ready to make your millions, come and join us as member of our group. We want you to experience the life as an entrepreneur and what it can offer you. If you look at the big picture, money cannot buy the invaluable knowledge and experiences we are offering. These gains are practical and applicable to your daily life, thus saving your vital resources for other productive activities.

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