"The strongest man is he who stands the most alone"

Born: 15 June 1971

Height: 5"8

Hair Colour: Black... & shaved

Eyes: Two of the buggers,  both dark brown

Weight: 126lbs

Status:   sarcastic

Place of Birth : Belfast, Northern Ireland

Musical Taste: I don't restrict myself to any one genre, though much of my favourite music 
cannot be found on the hit parade, if you know what i mean....basically anything dark, romantic, 
ethereal, depressing, angry, fast, slow....especially the european ebm scene which would need 
a page of its own to list. but here's what i've listened to recently, in no particular order. 
the Gathering, HIM, Tiamat, Katatonia, Jack Off Jill, My Ruin, Voltaire, Nick Cave, Apoptygma 
Berzerk, NIN, The Cult, Aimee Mann, Rob Zombie,  Sulpher, Portishead, l'ame immortelle, 
Masters of Reality....see what i mean?

Favourite Films : Now there's a question....Where do i start? My absolute favourite would have 

to be Wings of Desire, a film by Wim Wenders which is pure poetry in motion to me. Others that 
i have loved are: Something Wicked This Way Comes, Event Horizon, Memento, The Evil Dead 
Trilogy, Betty Blue, Leon/The Professional, Killing Zoe, From Dusk Til Dawn, The Italian Job, 
Magnolia.... The dialogue in Exorcist 3 won me over completely, and almost any genre has a film
that has my seal of approval. The rule is to watch everything!

Favourite Books: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte,
                                   Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel,
                                   Sophie's World by Jostein Gaardner
                                   Neverending Story by Michael Ende
                                   Princess Bride by William Goldman
                                   House of  Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski
                                   Miss Smilla's feeling for snow by Peter Hoeg
                                   Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
                                  American Gods by Neil Gaiman
                          Coldheat Canyon by Clive barker 

Other Reading material: The Sandman, The Books of Magic, House of Secrets, Strangers in 
Paradise and the Invisibles.. oh...and dont forget Edward Gorey...

Job Status: Currently working for the Government, which is a job...thats all i can say..all those
years studying art & sculpture wasted!..Also the owner of Darker Than Light on-line Dark Poetry
magazine and ex owner/administrator of  the Dungeon of The Damned chat room.

Future Goals: Same as always, to be liked, respected, required and loved. 
Or even better, pay off all my debts.

Pets: Then there were two. Finn, my annoying Springer Spaniel, who's probably the most 
hyperactive creature in the world, and Suki, a small yorkshire terrier who thinks shes a cat.

Favourite Non-black colour/s : Blue/Red

Favourite Non-Alcoholic drink: Coffee. Preferably Latté

Favourite Alcoholic drink: Red, red wine. Carsberg lager. Also bailey's, an Irish Cream liqueur, 
which is just divine on the body..but not on intimate areas, it stings.

Favourite food: Chocolate.

Favourite real food: Canneloni. Anything French or Oriental. I can cook, but if it wasn't for 
my microwave, i'd starve.

Favourite TV show: Without a doubt, the 60's TV show, The Prisoner, but i love watching 
subtitled french films into the early hours...theres also Buffy, Angel and assorted 
archeology/history programmes....currently glued to Alias

Anything to declare?: There has been "situations" in my life that i've been through on my own, 
when i wished i had others around for help/support, and i had nothing. I've hated everything 
about myself that i could possibly hate, been hurt in ways i thought i could not be hurt.

 And you know what? I wouldn't change a thing....These have driven me beyond tears, beyond 
despair, but have provided me with poems, thoughts and an appreciation of life that i would 
never have had if my life turned out fine from day one. I value everything. Im still here.
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