Radio satan 666
Online radio station, featuring metal, goth, and weird stuff

Apoptygma Bezerk
official site of the best worst kept secret in industrial/electronic music.

Black tape for a blue girl
Sam Rosenthal's ever bright goth ambient/experimental group

Blue Oyster Cult
official site of the eternal musical purveyors of the occult and mystery.

The Gathering
Website for the Dutch Atmospheric/Goth female fronted band.

Goth/Atmospheric Band Descriptions
Listings of almost every goth band of every genre, music style and output.

Masters of Reality
official site of the cult band created by Chris Goss

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Singer, songwriter, novelist, God

Paradise Lost
official site of the english goth rock band.

official site of the talented alternative singer


Arachne's Web: Paganism and Wicca Pages
Exhaustive links and information

Belfast City - Live Cam
For no reason whatsoever

Bizarre Magazine
The website of Bizarre magazine, home of the strange, beautiful and disturbing

Corpses For Sale
Buy your very own corpse.

The Death Clock
Find out how much of your life is left, and watch it tick away...

Euphamy Containment
Euphamy,punk, glamourous, chatroom creator, and web hacker...gone from this world.....i miss her.

Fear & Loathing - A directory of Net.goth Homepages
Exactly as described Postcard Server
Does exactly what it says on the tin

Jan Svankmajer Alchemist of the Surreal
One of the most talented and downright disturbing animators alive. Simply awesome.

The Goth.code Homepage
Everything you need to use the Goth only signature code..

Heliophobe Magazine
For pale fleshed women and the men who adore them..

Jesus Christ Superstore
A great place to buy action figures of various religious deities, including JC, Buddha and 
God Almighty.

Pre-Raphaelite Collection
Beautiful art, links and virtual cards

Writ in Water - An International Gallery of Memorials for the Dead
A catalogue some of the most beautiful & famous cemetaries that the author has been to


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