Ms. Natasha (Suzuki Violin and Piano Teacher)

-Beginning violin and piano lessons using Suzuki Method instruction
-Intermediate and advanced violin lessons

20 students from 5 to 18 years of age will be accepted into this program to take lessons at Ms. Natasha's studio in Parkville area of Baltimore, Maryland

Lessons for the school year will include weekly private or semi-primate lessons and monthly group classes. Summer activities will include lessons and an optional Summer Community Music Camp at St. Luke Lutheran Church.

There will be a Greater Baltimore Suzuki Association Play-In held in January and a solo recital in May.


The Suzuki Method of music education was introduced to America in the early 1960es and has been widely adopted throughout the world. There are three cornerstones for success and joy in the processs of learning an instrument:

1. Early start
2. Complete mastery of each step of learning
3. Parental involvement

One of the main expectations of the Suzzuki families is lestening to recordings of pieces that a child will learn to play. A parent is expected to attend each lesson with the child so he/she will be able to help the child practice at home. The expectations may sound like a lot of work, but we will also use activities and games to teach enjoument of making music.
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