Student Advised


N. M. Alam Chowdhury


Title : Fast and Efficient Computational Technique for the Solution of Electromagnetic Scattering Problem

M.Sc. Engineering, August 2004


Title : Characterization of Antenna Using Low-cost Anechoic Chamber

M.Sc. Engineering, August 2006


Title : Development of New Algorithms for Reducing Adjacent Channel Interference and Increasing Channel Capacity in CDMA-TDD System

M.Sc. Engineering, Auguat 2006


Title : Development of Interactive Learning Materials Using Computer Based Instruction (CBI)

M. Engineering, September 2006


Title : Performance Analysis of a Low Cost Anechoic Chamber

M. Engineering, September 2006



Every year 6 to 9 students were advised for B.Sc. Engineering (Electrical & Electronic) thesis from 1996 to 1999 and from 2003 to present

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