Research Experience


N. M. Alam Chowdhury

2005 to 2006

Designed and constructed a low cost anechoic chamber for antenna characterization. To keep the investment within the affordable limit, use locally available polyurethane foam as absorbent and other materials


2000 to 2002

    Developed a new algorithm for the efficient implementation of Integral Equation of Measured Equation of Invariance (IE-MEI) method to solve the full three-dimensional (3D) scattering problem

    Explore the insensitive properties of MEI coefficient for modified scattering objects

    Introduce a new technique of reduction of MEI coefficient computational time


1996 to 1997

 Developed a new EMC antenna, which can simulate highly directive standard EM waves to measure shielding effectiveness of a planner sheet. The proposed antenna has been formed by placing a one-sixth of conducting loop-wire in front of a 60 degree corner reflector

    Developed the mathematical model of such a quasi-shield probe called H-loop and the characteristics of this antenna have been compared with those of existing similar type of antenna

    The designed H-loop antenna has been constructed and check the results with the theoretical one

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