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Thank you for considering me for your child care needs. What I offer you is much more than a daycare arrangement. I am happy to welcome you and your family into my home and include you in our extended family. When selecting family child care, you are, in essence hiring my whole family. Please let me introduce you to us...

I worked at Kodak for 13 years before leaving due to day care difficulties for my own children. Immediately, co-workers were requesting that I care for their children as well. Within the year, I decided to make this a legitimate business by becoming registered with the NYS Dept. of Social Services.

My husband is a Mechanical Engineer with Bausch & Lomb. He is my biggest supporter and can often be found playing with the children when he thinks no one is looking!

I have three children. They love interacting with the day care children and are a big help to me with extra hands on those school days off. The two older ones have taken the Red-Cross babysitters course, and my daughter eagerly provides off-hour babysitting services.

My family will be actively involved with the children in care. My children welcome these new "siblings" with open arms and hearts. The daycare children really do become "family."

As a working mother, I understand the difficulties in balancing work, family, home, and child care responsibilities. I will strive to make the child care portion of your life run smoothly. I ask that you remember the fact that I, too, am a working mom and also have those same concerns.

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