US Marines Help End Chinese 'Boxer Rebellion'
US Force Helps British Capture Peking
This Year's Sign of The Apocalypse
'Storm of The Century' Destroys Galveston, TX
Where Have We Seen This Race Before? (Or Politics As Usual - Is It 1896?)
McKinley - Bryan Rematch Brings More of The Same
With Addition of T.R. As Running Mate, McKinley Easily Wins, Capturing All But Four 'Free Silver' States - Colorado, Montanta, Nevada And Idaho, And The Staunchly Democratic South.
Americans Afraid Nation Is Moving More Toward An Empire And Further Away From A Democracy
Anti-Imperialist 'Liberty Congress' Message To Voters
Anti-Imperialists And The 1900 Presidential Campaign
We Want To Know!
What Is The Chief Danger Confronting The New Century?
William Jennings Bryan On Imperialism
The Birth of US Imperialism
Anti-Imperialism History
Political Cartoons of The Election!
Anti-Imperialism Cartoons
The Age of Imperialism
American Imperialism
The Break-Up of China & Our Interest In It
American Foreign Policy Documents 1898-1914
Causes of Southern Opposition To Imperialism
Big Business & Public Split In Opinions On Boer War
Madness in Kentucky!
July 4, 1900 - The Democratic National Convention
Carry A. Nation Attacks Saloons In Kiowa, KS And Begins Her Prohibition Crusade
Emma Goldman & Anarchists Continue To Peddle Their Wares
The Anarchist Conspiracy!
King Humbert I of Italy
Victims To Date:
Rumor: Anarchist Plot Exists To Assassinate All Western Leaders!
Empress Elisabeth of Austria
President Marie-Francois-Sadi Carnot of France
Premier Antonio Canovas del Castillo of Spain
Frederick Jackson Turner Unveils His 'Frontier Thesis'
Flashback: September, 1896 - Turner's 'The Problem of the West' For The Atlantic Monthly
"The Frontier Has Gone, And With Its Going Has Closed The First Period of American History."
"The Twentieth Century Will Be American.  American Thought Will Dominate It.  American Progress Will Give It Color And Direction.  American Deeds Will Make It Illustrious." 
Senator Albert Beveridge (1898)
Paid For By McKinley/Roosevelt '00
Kodak Releases 'Brownie' Camera
Bryan: "You Shall Not Crucify Mankind On A Cross of Gold"
Freud 'Dreams' And The Rest  Follow
Anti-Trust Hysteria Sweeps Nation
Wright Brothers Think They Can Fly!
This Year's Sign of The Apocalypse 2
1900 Presidential Election Costliest in History!  Some Estimates:
$5 Million Spent!
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America 1900
Summing Up, Looking Forward
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