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This page was last updated on August 29, 2007.

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Welcome to my Genealogy Page.
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This is my first attempt at an internet page.  So be patient, as this site will be continuously under construction for a while.

I've been researching my family and my husband's family for almost 15 years now.  I bought my first computer in 1990 and joined Prodigy.  I found the genealogy bulletin boards and have been hooked ever since.

Some information has been contributed by other researchers and some I've really had to dig for.

Listed below are the links to the different surnames that I am researching.  If you find any information that you believe is incorrect, please e-mail me and I will correct it.    If you have information that you would like me to add to this site (i.e., photos, wills, marriage certificates, etc.), please let me know.

  I have started to add my husband's family.  I've started with the Taylor line.

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