Fleetwood Mac _TUSK DOCUMENTARY, 1980 (A+)
Interviews with Mick,Lindsey , Stevie and Chris with various performance footage from TUSK tour.

Fleetwood Mac Compilation Tape #1
Rumours Tour Documentary (1997), 20/20 ABC Special (1980), MTV Documentary (1982), LB/A&E in concert (1992), Music Videos/Live Performaces: Rhiannon, World Turning, GYOW, You make lOving Fun, Don't Stop, Dreams, Tusk, Sara, Edge of 17 (both #1 and #2 versions, Stop Draggin'..., Leather and Lace (LIVE from BD tour), Trouble, It was I, Gypsy, Hold Me, Holiday Road, Spinning the World (with John Stewert), Stand Back (Civil War version), SB(#1), If Anyone Falls, SB (#2), GO Insane, Talk to ME, Ican't wiat, Talk to Me (Extended) Big love, Seven WOnders, Little LIes, Wrong, Countdown, Soul Drifter (lettermen, live), Don't Look Down (LENO live)

FM Compilation Tape #2--Clips Collection
Solid Gold "Nightbird", MTV '84 interview with Sandy Stewert, Solid GOld "SB," MTV short: Stevie turns 36; MTV-Chris goes solo, Solid Gold "GOt a Hold on ME,"MTV short: Mick Bankrupt, CHRIS' MCvie tour dates (MTV), MTV World Premier Video of GO INSANE, CM's performance on Solid Gold SO EXCITED, MTV Clip: LIndsey on his videos, MTV Liner Notes on LB, SLOW DANCING video, MTV promo for MIRAGE concert special, MTV short: BN joined FM 10 years ago, MTV short: RAL due out in March, MTV "Purple Rain" premiere Party--Stevie entrance, MTV short: Stevie on Prince, Tom Petty talks about Stevie, Stevie on new release of RAL, MTV "Women in Rock" (Shows footage of After the Glitter Fades photo shoot), Stevie on FM, VH-1 short: Stveie on being the boss, Mick talks about his new LP, MTV Party Pee-Wee Herman Gig  with Lindsey, Stevie talks about Cyndi Lauper.

4. FM Live in Camden, 9/97 DANCE TOUR--entire set list except "Don't Stop" (A-/B+)

5. Commercially released MAKING OF RUMOURS DOCUMENTARY, 1998

6.Commercially released MIRAGE IN CONCERT (Live in LA), 1982 (A+)


8. Stevie Nicks Live at Radio City Music Hall, "ENACHANTED", 1998-- (A-)

9. SN Live at US Festival, '83 WH Tour/SN Live in'96 at MixFest in Boston    (A-)

"HAEWAFY" on Letterman, '98, BEhind the Music: Stevie Nicks, Stevie Live at Central Park in Blue "GDW" w/ Sheryl Crow, Stevie #14 on VH-1's Greatest Women of Rock, STORYTELLER clips: LANDSLIDE and DREAMS. 1998 HOF Induction performance

14. FIVE hour Rumours Tour Documentary/Rosebud Documentary  (A/A-)

15. Stevie/ FM  Compilation Tape #4--
Guest spot on Chris Isaak show, VH-1's Before They Were Rock Stars (New Stevie Nicks Edition), VH-1's Cover Wars Show (Band performing "Don't Stop"), Rock and Roll Jeopardy ("Stand Back" video clue),  Vh-1's Rock Across America, VH-1 BTM promo, VH-1 Premiere of SORCERER video--includes behind the scenes interview; VH-1 Top 80 videos of 1980s: clip of Stevie on Tom Petty's "Don't Come Around Here No More," ET Short on ABC Downtown, ABC Downtown interview, VH-1 Hit This! "Sorcerer "/FM "Landslide" clip, VH-1 Rock Solid--FM segment, Live at RMA's 10/26/2001 "Sorcerer",  Lindsey Buckingham VH-1 Behind the Music promo,  Stevie mention on "South Park", Vh-1 100 Greatest Women of Rock: Christine McVie, Vh-1 100 Greatest Women of Rock: SN, Vh-1 Top 50 of 2001: "Sorcerer" at #48; Access Hollywood on Stevie 2002 Grammy Nomination;  Mick Fleetwood clue on R&R Jeopardy; SN on TV Guide Interview and  Live at Blockbuster Music Award "Fall From Grace," Letterman 5/01,  Rosie O'Donnell Show ("Everyday" and "Landslide"), Access Hollywood clip of Stevie Nicks and Destiny's Child Behind the "Bootylicious" video, VH-1 Fan CLub: Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham--Behind the Music

FM Behind the Music on VH-1; Stevie Nicks: Storytellers, 1998 ,

19. Stevie Nicks Live, Largo, MD. 12/83 Wild Heart Tour (B-/C+)
Gold Dust Woman, OTR/Dreams, I Need to Know, If Anyone Falls, Sara, Leather and Lace, Stand Back, Beauty and the Beast, Stop Dragging My Heart Around, Gypsy

20.Fleetwood Mac TUSK Photoshoot, 1979 (B-)

21.  Fleetwood Mac Attack on MTV, 1987 (A+)_
Includes news shorts Rumours lineup promoting the "Tango in the Night" album, also includes FM videos "Gypsy, Hold Me, Tusk and Sara; Stevie's Stand Back, Lindsey's GO Insane and Slow Dancing, Mick's I want You Back (featuring Stevie and Lindsey cameo)--all this leads up to video premiere of Big Love

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