Nathan P. Lindsell's Homepage

Hullo, i'm Nate...welcome to my boring homepage thingie! There's not alot here at the moment, just a few links and stuff to things relevant to me...maybe you'll find something of use here! I hope you do...I also have a MySpace account.

Linux Links:

  • - the official homepage of the Linux kernal.
  • Erik's page about Linux - quite a useful site.
  • SuSE Linux - the distro that I use.
  • Ubuntu - Linux for human beings.
  • MPlayer - a DVD/VCD/codec video player for Linux.
  • Ogle - a DVD player for Linux.
  • DeVeDe - a program written in Python that allows you to create DVDs.
  • PrBoom - a Linux port of the popular DOOM game.
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