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The New Legacy Guild

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Welcome to The New Legacy Guild. The Guild is based on Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Gundam Wing, Ronnin Warriors, and Tekken. Well I hope you join and enjoy yourself and have some fun with the site and/or the guild.� If you think there is a violation of a copyright law, then please read the disclaimer that is below.� Thank you and HAVE FUN.

Updates for July, 2001 and Eastern Time

July 06, 2001 1:10 A.M. EST
Well not many updates due to I'm getting my own server soon so I am working on a new layout for it and it will be awesome more full eps, clips, music vids, images and more. Well not long before we get the server and kick some serious @$$. ��� Rude- Owner

July 02, 2001 11:50 P.M. EST
I put up the full eps, clips, music vids, and sounds pages up.� Also, I added some images which I am working on a page for them.� Well until then see ya.� Also, there is a new site of the month and a new affiliate.� Not much was done but coming soon��� Rude- Owner

Site Of The Month - July, 2001

Dragonball Genesis-� This site is a pretty good site that was just started by one of my affiliates that I am confident that he will go very far in his endeavor.� The information on his site is up and multimedia coming soon.

Anime News for July, 2001

In Dragonball News, "The Cell Saga" tapes have come out this month.� Two more to add to the collection.� Dragonball is going to be airing on Toonami soon taking up one of DBZ's spots.� In other news, Toonami said that they won't be playing Ronnin Warriors, Gundam Wing, or Reboot anymore.� Trigun won't be aired on Toonami due to all the guns and violence and it won't be good for the little kiddies.� Toonami needs to get some f*cking balls and make the shows unedited.

The New Legacy Guild is just an RPG and a Multimedia website. We had no part in the production of Dragonball, Dragonball Z,� Dragonball GT, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 8, Gundam Wing, Ronnin Warriors or Tekken. All credit goes to their respective owners. We do not work for, nor are we affiliated in any way with Akira Toriyama, Bird Studios, Toei Entertainment, FUNimation Productions, Namco, Squaresoft or Playstation. Also if you put anything of ours on your website we would appreciate if you tell us the address so we can check it out and it might become our next site of the month. Also, do not break any of the sites rules or be punished. View the Rules

Please do not take any of our files or Copy Our HTML w/o first contacting us here.

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