Go ahead and look at my list, make me offers. Now, I can't just up and buy horses, but if I'm in the position to purchase one I'll take a look at your offer and we can discuss it. I do have a paypal account, so I can make the payment right away. I do need to see pictures of the model first.

All models I purchase MUST be LSQ. Thanks for looking guys, and good luck!
Wanted OF's
MIB is not required, all OF's must be PSQ
Wanted Customs
All CM offers MUST be LSQ
I will consider ANY CM of the Justin Morgan mold. Please send pictures attached with the e-mail offer.
*Colors I'm especially interested in are; Black, Buckskin, and Dapple Grey
Black Tie Affair - JCP Set
I would like the whole set. LSQ
Nobel II - Breyerfest model
Variation or Regular
Peruvian Paso - Dapple Grey
Regular model OF
Looking for twin foal customs - PAIR
If their not a pair I'm looking for paint or appy patterns.
Great Gatsby
OF model
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