03.16.03 (5:04 pm) Not much of an update. All I did was fix up my contact page and take down the Valentine's Day stuff. So so busy and stressing about finals this week. Until break, this is as much of an update you could expect. Oh yeah, today is my roomy's birthday... Happy Birthday Melissa!
02.08.03 (12:39 pm)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Nothing much new with the site except for the following:
- the latest pictures of my oh so cute niece at 6 months & at Christmas time!
- contact section added so y'all could contact me.

Well, that's it for now! Sign the g-book if haven't done so already!

01.10.02 (9:23 pm)

Happy 2003 everyone! What a way to start off the new year but with a new layout! =D I consider it good timing for the change in my webpage because New Year's is a time where everyone wants to start anew. So with my homepage, that's what I sure am doing.

Okay, besides the update of a new layout, I included a new gallery in my pictures section. The long awaited gallery is now up! Yes, that's right! The pictures are of the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers premiere in Hollywood I went to just earlier this month. I hope y'all enjoy!

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