Anna Bosi


Born to Frank Bosi and Rose Mary (Grygienc) Bosi on May 17, 1955 at Chicago Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. Anna attended Oak Lawn Community High School, and graduated in 1973. She went on to Kankakee Jr. College. She married Walter Wojiechowski and had the following children:

Wally Wojciechowski
Alana Wojciechowski

She divorced Walter and married Charles Henry Huckaba on June 29, 1995. They had a private ceremony in their home in Coal City, IL. Together they have four children: Dana (age 24), Wally (age 22), Alana (age 20) and Eric (age 19). They also have two dogs; Casey and Babe. The family resides in Reddick, IL.

Anna and Chuck have fond memories of a house which dates back to childhood days.

"We would like to tell a story of a simple house that holds many memories for us. The first time Chuck went to visit my parents, they were still living in Wisconsin. The ride seemed familiar to Chuck; even the road my parents lived on. As soon as we pulled into the drive, the setting and the river was a trip to the past for Chuck. When he was young, he would come to this house and visit his uncle! Chuck's uncle owned the house 2 people prior to Uncle Art's purchase. When we returned home, his family showed me the pictures of their family vacation at the house and the difference was remarkable! But it still had the familiar surroundings. Now, who would ever think that these two families would have that in common?! The house holds great memories for me and Chuck."

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