Greetings from India.I am Naveen living in Visakhapatnam which is an industrial city on the east coast of India.I am a male in my late twenties.

I have put up this site mainly to tell the world about my hobbies.I am into collecting stamps, phone cards, bank notes and coins. In stamps, I collect the mint stamps of Aland.In phone cards,I collect used ones of all countries.Finally in bank notes and coins I collect mint ones of all countries.

I can send you the mint and used stamps of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan ,Pakistian, etc.Also I can send bank notes and coins of India.

The following are the links to my other pages:

Stamps for sale

Stamps for sale or exchange

My Wants List of Aland Stamps

Phone Cards for exchange

Bank Notes and Coins of India for exchange

Contact me @ [email protected] (or) [email protected]

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