"To book your hotel in Boston go to and fill the form with city name, then let the research start. If you plan to go to New York for the first NKOTB Reunion concert on May 16 book your hotel in New York with Are you ready for the NKOTB Reunion?".

"Don't miss our most visited page: Griffin Thomas McIntyre".

NKOTB Reunion April 2008 / NKOTB Reunion May 2008

April 18th, 2008 New article at "New Kids single doesn’t quite Click Click Click" by Lauren Carter and Jed Gottlieb. They report NKOTB 2008 new album should be Back on the Block.

Donnie was spotted at a Celtics game at Boston's TD Banknorth Garden. He was in Boston to film a NKOTB TV segment.

April 17th, 2008 New article at "Joey McIntyre Exclusive: Former New Kid Talks On Broadway" interview and videoclip.

April 10th, 2008 Joey McIntyre posted a new blog in his own Official Website. Have a look here.

April 9th, 2008 put up a poll to get to know what people think about New Kids On The Block new song Click Click Click. You can vote and post your comment regarding NKOTB comeback song by following this link.

April 8th, 2008 At Zotopia NKOTB photo gallery. The radio will attend NKOTB Reunion May 17th 2008 concert and give it live.

Kiss 1008 video of NKOTB interview on 04/04/2008 at Kiss 108 Boston is on at their website.

A new video and article at about NKOTB Reunion.

April 7th, 2008 Techical problems are causing again a delay in the release date of Danny Wood's album Coming Home. A short note at the Red Disc Record Website reads "Red Disc Records to release New Kids On The Block Danny Wood's solo album Coming Home next month". Go to the Red Disc website in order to listen to a sample of Danny's new song Beautiful Bad Girl, which will be the first single of the album.

Watch NKOTB Reunion video at The Insider on line. The insider was introduced inside NKOTB flight from NYC to Boston and visited Kiss FM with them last Friday.

Danny posted a blog at official site talking about the NKOTB reunion. You'll love read him talking about his children. Danny also posted the link to the website in memory of his beloved mom, which already was in our NKOTB Reunion links page.

April 6th, 2008 Click here to see a video at WBZ from last Friday when the Kids were at KISS FM greeting fans and answering questions. Here you can see a part of the interview and here to hear the whole thing.

April 5th, 2008 At official site they have published the first NKOTB tour 2008 dates:
May 16, 2008 New York, NY The Today Show
May 17, 2008 East Rutherford, NJ Izod Center
May 18, 2008 Boston, MA Tweeter Center

Click on the following links to see the Access Hollywwod interview and the Entertainment Online interview.

At Kiss108 radio interview (in three parts) "Romeo talks to New Kids on the Block" click here to listen to them. The videos will be abaliable on the radio website from Monday. new article New Kids back on the Block by Lauren Carter.

April 4th, 2008  Click here to see the first part of NKOTB apearance at NBC's Today show and here to see the second, taken from To see NKOTB Reunion pictures go to,,

To listen Donnie talking about the NKOTB Reunion at the Matty show this morning from KISS FM Boston click here. Poll Which one of the New Kids do you think is the sexiest?

The band official site has been updated with a real website: news, blogs from the guys, pictures, bbs. Go have a look.

NKOTB will be today at the KISS FM live in Boston at 5 PM East time. KISS FM. A message reads "Check back Friday 4/4 at 4 PM".

For the ones that won't be able watch NKOTB at Today show on TV (7:00 AM East time, 1:00 PM European time) try this link to see the NKOTB Reunion live. Don't miss the NKOTB video for EDT ready to perform today at Rockfeller Plaza, New York (the video begins after the ad). "This is better than Christmas".

New video about NKOTB Reunion at E!OnLine: "The New Kid on the Block are officially back. First the Spice Girls and now the New Kids on the block are reuniting after 14 years for a world tour, a new album and no, they're not playing Games. And you can Call It What You Want but the New Kids on the Block are showing that Time is on their side. Step by Step a decade and half later are excited to get back to what they love. NKOTB hoping to be touring by the end of the year, sounds like ladies are gonna have a Funky Funky Christmas" (Andrea Rene) Watch NKOTB E OnLine video here

At official site the countdown hit zero hours, a "Universal" logo was added bottom right.

April 3rd, 2008 Wait a minute now, what's this? A lyric sheet? The New Kids on the Block working on You Got My Heart? Word or music by Adam Messinger? A NKOTB new song 2008? It may be.

New kids on the block are back to magazines' covers. Here you have the cover of this issue of People magazine "The Boston boy band stages a comeback after 14 years"

Today published an interview with Donnie about the New kids Reunion. He said there will be a new single in Spring, then a record and a Tv show will come in summer and that the NKOTB Reunion tour will begin in fall. Click here to read the article in Boston Herald today "New songs on the block key to reunion". He said he wrote 80 percent of the new stuff with Joey McIntyre and Jordan Knight.

A new video about NKOTB Reunion was added at where you can see Jordan and Joe singing.

April 2nd, 2008 posted an exclusive video behind the scenes about NKOTB Reunion. Watch them during their People shoot and interview. Watch People NKOTB video here. Pictures from the video will be posted later today. Stay tuned.

NKOTB first official picture in 15 years at that was used for the new layout of official site.

Here are few articles and a video that mention NKOTB: "The Triumphant Return of NKOTB"

ITN "New Kids back on the block"
MSN "Block Watch: Keeping an Eye on the Kids"
Video at YouTube "Showbiz Hot Five"

April 1st, 2008 has changed with a countdown clock for 4th April and if you look down at the bottom right there is an Interscope logo (the record label). NKOTB Reunion was no April's fool joke. It is for real.

Boston Globe confirmed that all five members of NKOTB will be on Friday at the Today show to officially announce the NKOTB come back. Boston Globe also confirmed that there will be a NKOTB tour soon and said that all the info about the tour will be posted at Click here for the article at Also Boston Herald confirmed that the New Kids are working on their new album on the West Coast. Click here to read the article at

There is New NKOTB Hits album on Amazon for pre ordering. Click here

April 1st, 2008 Following two months of rumors about the New Kids on the Block Reunion, NKOTB are to appear on the April 4th 2008 edition of NBC's Today show. This message arrived today in our mailboxes. The rumors about NKOTB Reunion were true.





31 March 2008. The NKOTB Reunion has been confirmed by the magazine People, the magazine that revealed the early rumors of a NKOTB comeback. Click here to read the article. The NKOTB reunion comes just in time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of their mega-hit album Hangin' Tough. Jonathan Knight is now 39, Donnie Wahlberg 38, Joey McIntyre 35, Danny Wood 38 and Jordan Knight is 37.

NKOTB Greatest Hits 2008 and NKOTB new album 2008

Copied and pasted from The New Kids on the Block will return with a 'best of' scheduled by Columbia and Legacy. Ths set will contain 14 cuts with an additional 4 bonus cuts. The New Kids on the Block Greatest Hits will be available on May 13 2008 and precedes a NKOTB new studio album expected for later in 2008. The reunion tour is being mapped out for all of those teenyboppers who adored them during their first run, and who will insist on haunting the concert halls yet once again.

March 28th, 2008. official site has temporary changed. There were three videos about NKOTB Reunion up and running for a few hours: one from Joe, one from Danny and the other one from Jon. Click here to read the transcriptions. Videos are not avaible over there anymore but follow the links we give you and you ll manage to see them. This is hot new stuff, a proof of NKOTB Reunion and you can see all five guys together at the studio with your own eyes. Pay attention to the song playing during Danny's video. Click pictures for larger views.

April 25th Today's (NBC) annual summer concert will be staged in the Plaza at Rockefeller Center. Today is also trumpeting a "Surprise Reunion concert" for May 16, but show officials were mum on who that might be - and won't announce the mystery band until April 4. Of course we want to believe that the rumors that it's gonna be the NKOTB Reunion are true. Stay tuned.

March 24th, 2008 The TV Show Intervention (AETV) last March 24th was about drugs and youth in Boston area. Donnie Wahlberg narrated a special report on heroin addiction among the residents of Boston and its suburbs.

Here you have some recent pix of him with his youngest son Elijah at a basket game in LA. Face is blurred for security reasons. Click pictures for larger views.

Joe's film On Broadway did great at the box office last week-end. Click here to read more.

You can view the trailer and find out more about the movie at the film official website Enjoy.

Saturday March 8th, 2008  Joe was in Boston to promote "On Broadway" in the theatres. He gave an interview to Kiss 108 Boston in which he talks to Matt Talks about the release of his film, ON BROADWAY, and about the New Kids reunion. Here are some pictures from that day.

At website you can find a long report about Joe s visit to Boston for the release on theatres of his last film "On Broadway", go here to read it.

Saturday March 9th, 2008 Danny's latest solo album Coming Home that was supposed to be released yesterday has been postponed. It will be released overseas in Australia on April 5th 2008. It will also be available worlwide online. For further information visit the record company website at In the meanwhile here you have some pictures of his CD. Click picture for larger views.

Sunday March 2nd, 2008 Joe has made a public appearance in Burbank showing up at The Falcon Theatre for the "Cindy and the Disco Ball" Premiere. Here you can see him with some other personalities at the premiere last March 1st. Click picture for larger views.

Saturday March 1st, 2008 Donnie has made an appearance at the 6th Annual World Poker Tour Invitational at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles. Below are some pictures taken on 03/01.






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