P.O. Box 23, Nkokonjeru, Mukono, Uganda

Pastor's Phone Number: (256)-77 46 77 18

Lenten Thanks 2004


Pastor's name:

Bishop's name: Matthias

Parish church name: St. Peter's

Frs. Athy Kafeero and Peter Ntege with the official 
canonization picture of the Uganda  Martyrs hanging on a wall in the Offices of Caritas for Children.
Frs. Athy  and Peter with Chris Hoar, founder of  Offices of Caritas for Children, after a short meeting on a July 2003 weekday.
L-R Mr. Ron Lundean (who works with Caritas), Fr. Athy, together with Chris and Barbara Hoar at Caritas offices.
Mr. Hoar and Fr. Athy alongside the donated van, July 8, 2003, proceeds from whose sale will generate help for children and orphans under Caritas.
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