"In essence, he [Moshiach Ben Yosef] goes out and intentionally wrecks the relations with the gentiles. Why? Because he knows that only when we will be alone, isolated - only then will we stop trusting the goyim, the Americans. And only then, when we will be alone and isolated - then the Messiah will come. As long as there is not full trust in G-d, he won't come. He won't come. [This full trust] can only come about when the Jews give up all hope that the redemption can come from the goyim. Even if this recognition comes against our will. Teshuva. To trust in G-d.

"We must wreck the relations, wreck the relations. And this is precisely the opposite of what people want to hear. There is no one in the street, and there is no rabbi that will say it, but again, that is how we bring the redemption - through faith. It's not easy, and it's not a small thing. It is scary. Faith is scary. To say - 'Let us adopt a policy of isolation, let us adopt a policy of wrecking the relations.' 'Are you insane?' people will say. But they do not understand that if this is not done, we will suffer the pains of redemption, suffering that we cannot even fathom; bitterness that we have not yet tasted. This is our task today. To go out to the people with a message that the people do not want to hear, are not willing to hear. And they will degrade us, and worse, it is 'incitement', 'sedition', and who knows what else."

Question: "This means that our message has changed a bit, and we have to say things more sharply than we did five years ago?"

"I think you are right. Because there is no time. Who knows how much time is left. We have to say it - and then, ninety percent of our supporters will leave us. Oh well. So be it. But we have to say it. To say, 'do
teshuva.' But not just the teshuva that everyone else talks about. Of course Shabbat, and of course kashrut, learning Torah, modesty - everything. But - to wreck the relations. That is the real teshuva! To cling to G-d, and to separate ourselves from them. One cannot cling to G-d without separating himself from them. It doesn't go together. That's it. It's not easy. Isolation was always difficult. It is something that always caused worry. But it has to be. We are a 'nation that dwells alone' [Am livadad yishkon - Numbers 23:9]. People read the verse. How nice. What a nice song it makes. But it isn't a song, and it isn't some nice saying. It is Jewish law. The laws of isolation."

"But where do we see such an approach - that you have to be isolated, to wreck the relations. What for?"

"Throughout the entire Tanach, every king who chased after some
goy - Shlomo, Asa, Yehoshafat, Hezkiahu - each and every one - we see a common thread with each one - that he who went after the goyim, was punished."

Question: "That means we won't buy weapons from them?"

"Of course we will buy from them, but not begging like we do today, rather like business. Otherwise, we are their slaves. It's like Yosef. Why was he punished? Because he naturally went to the wine steward and asked, 'do me a favor.' He asked. And that is what we do today. If the
goy gives quietly, take from him. But it is forbidden to ask from him charity - because we can exist without him. To ask him is a Hillul Hashem.

"And all the while, we must take steps which will bring us to isolation. The minute we annex the territories, know that it will be a tragedy from a practical point of view. The minute we throw out the Arabs, who knows what will be. The minute we go to the Temple Mount - all these steps will surely wreck the relations. Now, when I come and say we must wreck the relations, I am not saying that Arens should go to Washington tomorrow and give some fiery speech. No. But rather, do the
mitzvot, do what we are obligated to do - and this will bring us to isolation."

Question: "By seeking isolation, does this not cause us to commit the sin of 'it is forbidden to trust in miracles' (Ayn Somchim Al Nase)?"

"G-d forbid. 'Trusting in miracles' is a situation where you sit and pray, and do nothing else. David went out against Goliath with the best weapon available to him, and by so doing, was not transgressing the rule 'one should not trust in miracles'. And we too, need to go out with the best weapons available to us, and the fact is that we have sophisticated weapons - missiles, chemical and automatic, which, even though we bought it from the gentiles, but as I said, it must be like business. And hand in hand, we must wreck the relations, and not make accountings as to whether they will cut off aid or not, because we will get by with what we have, and with trust in G-d, like David."

By Rabbi Meir Kahane
September 1990
Final Shiur
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