Who Killed Ronen And Lior?

Who killed Ronen Karamani and Lior Tubul? Indeed if I ended this article with those words, how many would know what I am talking about? And that may be the beginning of the answer of the question... Who killed Ronen and Lior, the two teenagers murdered with a brutality and cruelty endemic to Arabs and Moslems? Who killed two young Jews - not in the "occupied territories" - but within the capitol of Israel? Who seized two young Jews in the heart of Israel, bound their hands behind their backs, gagged them and then stabbed them tens of times, so that their faces were unrecognizable?

Who murdered Ronen and Lior and caused yet another Hilul Hashem to pollute the land as more and more Jews were stricken by fear of walking in the land and traveling to it, and the curse of the exile took further hold in the Promised Land?

But the question is who else killed them? Who helped the Arabs to murder them? Who is the accomplice without whom the Arabs could never have succeeded in shedding Jewish blood in the heart of Israel?

The cold, clear, blunt, painful truth is that Ronen Karamani and Lior Tubul and hundreds of Jews who have been murdered by Arabs aided by demented Jews who - besotted with Gentilized concepts, immoral morality and perverted Hellenized ethics - protected the murderers and condemned the innocent to their hands. To expel an Arab is moral. To allow him to stay as a potential murderer of a Jew is to be an accomplice to that murder of a fellow Jew. The bitter reality is that Arabs could not murder Jews without the perverted support of perverted moralists who are members of the Chosen People.

Every Arab who ever murdered a Jew, was - until one moment before his action - considered to be an "innocent Arab." Not one of them is innocent. All labor under the presumption that they want to see Israel, and its Jews, dead. The difference is that some act upon it and others have not - as yet. Who killed Ronen? If you are one of the Jews who attack Meir Kahane for calling for the expulsion of Arabs, you did.

The Ramban, in a classic commentary that I have brought down many times in the past, commented on the verse
"And you shall consume all the nations that the L-rd your G-d shall give unto you - have no pity on them."

"Have no pity on them."
And these are the words of the Ramban: "Have no pity on them, for because of the mercy of fools, all justice is lost."

"The mercy of fools," what a magnificent statement of description. And how truly, terribly apt. How many are the fools who cloak themselves in the mantle of morality, in the imperial purple of royal ethics. But they are neither morality nor the ethics of the Almighty. They are the ethics and morality of "fools" and there is nothing more immoral or unethical than that. In the end, the mercy of fools becomes the mercy of accomplices to murder of the innocent, to murder of Jews.

All of the Arabs of Israel are not worth the life of one Jew. And any Jew - be he philosopher or king or peasant - who does not understand that, understands nothing, nothing, nothing at all about Judaism.

By Rabbi Meir Kahane
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