"'Pinchas son of Elazar son of Aharon the Cohen, has turned away my wrath from the children of Israel, in that he was very jealous for My sake.' (Numbers 25:11)

"What does Rashi say on the expression '
he was very jealous for My sake'? Nu, you all learn Rashi - what does he say? 'He avenged My revenge!'

"For this, he got the brit shalom (25:12). Ah! When a Jew goes out and takes revenge, then he gets the brit shalom. That�s �Oz for Shalom�, �Netivot for Shalom� - �Nekama for Shalom.�

"The Sforno says: '
He took My vengeance before the eyes of all.' He wasn�t like those who say, 'Let�s do it, but quietly.' No! He said, I�m phoning CBS and ABC to tell them that tomorrow I am going out to do vengeance before the eyes of all for that is the purpose of the vengeance - so the goyim will know, let them know, that there is a G-d in Israel.

"The verse continues to say that Pinchas '
made atonement for the children of Israel.' (25:13) The Midrash Tanchuma asks: Did Pinchas offer a sacrifice, that it should say about him that he made �atonement�? In other words, usually, the term 'atonement' is used in the context of a sacrifice that has been offered. What offering did Pinchas make, that it says he 'made atonement'? The Tanchuma answers: 'But to teach you, that he who spills the blood of the wicked, it is as if he offered a sacrifice.' Did you hear this 'extremism'? My G-d. What have we come to... that when a Jew spills the blood of the wicked, it is as if he offered a sacrifice!

"Let�s say that this wasn�t written, and there arose some 'extremist' in Israel named... let�s say for instance... Kahane... and he would have said it - what would they say about him, what would they say? But when he speaks, he quotes sources! The problem is that there are those who never learned, or they learned and distorted."

Rabbi Meir Kahane
Efrat Lecture
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