The Pig Law

"Knesset Chairman and honorable Knesset. The real struggle today is not the Jewish-Arab one, but rather of the Jews versus the Hellenists. We are in the modern stage of this millenia-old struggle. The most famous stage, of course, was during the holiday of Chanukah. The bitter war more than 2,000 years ago was between Jews who wanted to create a true Jewish society and culture, versus those who aspired to be like the Greeks, both in their thinking and in their outward appearance.

"The first person killed by the Maccabees was a Jew who desired to eat pig. In this Knesset hall, we see that history is repeating itself: The pigs are defending the pig.

"Jews, understand why I present it this way. We must stop placating these leftists, stop worrying about what they will say. We must tell them, that concerning us, Am Yisrael, the Holy Nation, the Nation of G-d, there is no such concept as "Live and Let Live," because the Almighty will not let us live with reckless abandon, as we wish to.
"If you walk in my statutes´┐Ż I will bring peace to the land," and if you reject my statutes - terror and tragedy will befall you. That is the cast-iron law of Judaism. If there is no Torah, there will be no peace, no tranquility and no rest. The pig will overtake the country, and the pigs will rule the land."

Rabbi Meir Kahane
Knesset Speech
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