A Lamentation

"Your hands are not bound and your feet have not been in chains,
You fell as one falls before the wicked,
And the entire nation continued to bewail him."
(II Shmuel 3:34)

Gentlemen, these verses, this lamentation, were recited over Abner.
"Your hands are not bound, and your feet have not been in chains; how could you fall before the wicked!? And the entire nation continued to bewail him". It is not enough that we wept yesterday, and that we shall weep today - "the entire nation continued to bewail him".

Gentlemen, not everyone knows Rabbi Meir! They do not know his true value! His fear of heaven! His learning! His kindness! The help he gave in secret! How many families receive food products from him on the eve of Passover, the eve of Sukkoth, the eve of Rosh HaShana; how many poor people got money from him - and all this, giving in secret! I can tell you that just recently, before Rosh HaShana, Rabbi Meir handed out some 34,000 dollars. There was a family that needed money, so he took money from his private funds and gave them! This is kindness! This is fear of heaven! This is charity! This is giving in secret!

His inner qualities, the delicacy of his soul, his inner fear of heaven! This people do not know, with this they are not familiar.

Gentlemen! As if we know how carefully he used to fix times for Torah study!

Who was the first to speak of Russian Jewry? Who awakened the Israeli people and the entire world from their slumbers, with regard to Russian Jewry? Who was it who predicted that Russian Jews would yet come out of their exile? It was Rabbi Meir Kahane - may HaShem avenge his blood!

I can mention now the number of agunoth I asked him to act on behalf of - thanks to his efforts we succeeded in saving a goodly number of agunoth. He saved many Jewish women from non-Jewish hands!

Rabbi Meir, Rabbi Meir! I ask of you to rise up to heaven and to awaken all those who were put to death by the authorities, so that they can act in heaven for the benefit of all of Israel, so that we need not mourn any more, and so that your own sacrifice will be the last one, so that crying and screaming shall no longer be heard in our day, and so that we be found worthy of the Final Redemption, speedily and in our day. Amen.

Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, Chief Rabbi of Israel
November, 1990
Funeral Procession
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