Jackals - Out Of The Mountain

"For this is our heart sick; for these things are our eyes dimmed; because of the mountain of Zion which is desolate - the foxes walk upon it." (Lamentations 5:17-18)

And what shall we say? If Jeremiah wept for a Temple Mount, desolate and defiled by foxes, because the gentiles had conquered it and we were powerless to prevent it, surely we must rend our garments for a Temple Mount defiled, and tear our hair and shake the heavens with the wailing of shame as the jackals today pollute the Holy of Holies when Jews control the state! Was there ever a greater disgrace, desecration, Hillul Hashem? The year is 1967. The Six-Day miracle burst forth. The Almighty cries out His strength and mighty right arm; smashes the mocking Ishmaelites who dare to desecrate and humiliate His Name; gives us the must glorious Jewish victory in more than three thousand years; easts the Moslem into the dust; frees the Temple Mount from the rule of the nations; sanctifies His name as the Arab grovels in awe - and the Jews - that most slavish and ghettoized of peoples - see nothing, understand nothing, believe nothing, react only with that slavish soul that grew in their bodies in the Galut. They allow the Moslems to return and control and contaminate the Temple Mount.

"For this our heart is sick..."

Not only do we allow the mosque - the symbol of Allah and his power and sovereignty - to remain standing on the site of the Holy of Holies and that symbolically humiliates and conquers the G-d of Israel; not only do we refuse to heed the cry of the hour, the Divine, angry commandment to remove the foxes and their lair - the Moslems and their Mosques; not only do we desecrate the name of the G-d of Israel but, incredibly, we give the foxes, the jackals, the Moslems, sovereignty over the area and refuse to allow Jews to pray even in the area where rabbis have ruled that there is no question of defiling the sanctuary!
"For these things are our eyes dimmed."

We are the sickest of peoples, the most disturbed of the nations. For us their is a need of a national couch.

If Jews were to go tomorrow to Mecca, the holiest city in Islam, the city to which Moslems turn in prayer, rather than raising their eyes unto Jerusalem; if Jews came to the
kaaba, the holiest site in Islam, and there proceeded to build a synagogue (not a large one, let us say merely a "shtiebel"), what would the Moslem world say? And rightly so! What cries of Jihad, holy war! What demands for the liberation of the holy place and its purification from infidel intrusion! What United Nations emergency sessions and vitriolic condemnation!

But all this is based on the premise of a normal people, with national and religious pride, with normal self-respect. Alas, when one comes to the Jewish people - the product of 2,000 years of an abnormality called the Exile - there is no sense of indignation for the attack on the religion and sanctity of Israel. For there can be no self-respect and no religious or national pride in a slave people, a people who, though physically leaving the Exile, retain all of its sick attributes in the marrow of their bones.

The Temple Mount is the very ultimate symbol of the struggle - indeed
war - between those who cry the belief that the L-rd, G-d of Israel, is the one and only G-d, and those who deny Him, who echo the blasphemy of an Egyptian Pharaoh who mocked Moses and the G-d of Israel by tauntingly shouting: "Who is the L-rd? I know not the L-rd."

The Temple Mount, with its mosques daily desecrating the sacred site of G-d's Temple, stands as a continuous desecration of the Name of the G-d of Israel. The Moslems understand this perfectly. They know that he who controls Jerusalem, the holy, will ultimately control Israel.

He understands the ideological struggle between the G-d of Israel and Allah of the Moslems. He knows that it is G-d who will direct and decree and ultimately decide the fate of the world, and he demands that it be known that the name of that G-d is Allah, with all the implications that emerge from that.

And the Jew - the Peres and the Peresites, the Shamirs, the secular liberals, the leftists, the humanists, the Hellenists, the gentilized Hebrews - all understand nothing. They believe neither in G-d nor in their own rights and obligations as a proud people. They are the worst of non-believers, the most extreme of spiritual heathens.

Two hundreds Moslems sit on the Temple Mount daily - receiving their wages from Saudi Arabia - their sole task being to prevent Jews from praying. A tourist may walk in with a camera and behave as a secular, profane visitor. The Moslems will "allow" it. But let him beware not to be caught praying. He will be physically attacked and thrown off the Mound of the Holy Temple while the Jewish police will enforce the humiliating and obscene "status quo" of an Israeli government, conceived in shame and born in desecration, which creates a "de facto" autonomous Palestine Moslem state in our holiest of sites. The red hot anger of a G-d of Israel whose Name is humiliated and desecrated daily through Jewish acquiescence, will bring down upon us such Divine retribution, as to make our lives a waking nightmare. Those who allow the jackals to pollute the Temple of the G-d of Israel, will share the fate of the jackals.

The cry of the hour is: Remove the jackals! Return to religious and national normalcy, to pride and self-respect. Remove the Moslems and sanctify G-d's name. Demand the absolute right of Jews to pray and to build a synagogue in the Temple Mount area that rabbis have ruled as permissible to walk upon. Transfer legal jurisdiction from the murderous
Wakf, the Moslem Supreme Council of the Mufti, may the name of the wicked rot. Recognize that the coming of the final redemption is irrevocably linked to the purification and Jewish control of the holiest of all places, the Temple Mount. The pigmies and dwarfs will bleat: "But this will arouse the Moslem world against us; it will bring down the wrath of a world!" Indeed, it will, but consider the alternative. Retaining the present situation, the "status quo" of Hillul Hashem, will arouse G-d against us, will bring down His wrath on the Jewish people. Dwarfs and people of little faith fear the Moslems. Jews fear the G-d of Israel. With G-d's help, when we achieve power, there will be no jackals on the mountain of Zion.

By Rabbi Meir Kahane
February 7, 1986
The Jewish Press
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