The lesson from the Prophets is from the book of prophecies and orations of Isaiah, (Chapter 42, Verse 5 to Chapter 43, Verse 1-10).

The Prophet Isaiah lived in Jerusalem, where he brought the message of the Eternal to the Kings and to the people of Judah from about the year 738 to about 701 Before the Common Era - the period of the First Commonwealth of Israel. Isaiah was of the tribe of Judah, a nephew of King Amaziah. In allegorical, visionary, lyrical and devotional poetry, Isaiah claims the Eternal as the Creator of heaven and earth, Who is seated upon a high and lofty throne from where He metes out impartial justice to men and nations. In the final chapters of the book, he joyfully proclaims the tidings of comfort of Israel's deliverance from Exile and the restoration of the grandeur of the people in its Land.

In this week's lesson, Isaiah begins with the affirmative declaration that it was the Eternal, just and merciful, Who created the Universe; it did not come about as a result of chance. The prophet speaks in the name of the Eternal. The Eternal, he declares, called upon the people of Israel, who had been the first to accept His Torah on Mount Sinai, to be a guide to the nations of the world be exemplary conduct in the ways of justice and righteousness. Israel is to serve as a light to the nations, to teach them a lesson in brotherhood and peace, to save the persecuted and the oppressed from the hands of their torturers.

It is particularly worthwhile to study verses 6, 7, 11, 21, 24;
Chapter 43, Verses 2, 5.

By Rabbi Charles Kahane
Torah Yesharah
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