On Iraq And The Gulf Crisis Pt. 5: Lessons

We do, indeed, not understand. Worse, we do not want to understand. Having been conquered and subjugated by the gentilized Foreign Culture, such talk sounds to us as "medieval" and "primitive" and "tribalistic" and of course, "Khoumeinism." Alas, the Ishmaelites, the Muslims understand it only too well and Saddam, whether through belief or cynical politics, used it and proclaimed it in his proclamation calling for a holy war:

"To all Arab and Muslim masses wherever they are - save Mecca and the Tomb of the Prophet from occupation�

"The imperialists, deviators, merchants, political agents, the servants of the foreigner and Zionism all stood up against Iraq only because it represents the conscience of the Arab nation and its ability to safeguard its honor and rights against any harm.

"Iraq, O Arabs, is your Iraq� It is the candle of right to snuff out darkness�

"O Arabs, O Muslims and believers everywhere. This is your day to rise and defend Mecca, which is captured by the spears of the Americans and the Zionists.

"Strike at their interests everywhere. Save Mecca and the Tomb of Prophet Mohammed in Medina�

"Victory is ours, G-d willing, and the invaders will be repelled and with them oppression and corruption everywhere and the sun will shine forever on the Arab and Muslim nations�"

This is what Gog is all about. This is the beginning of the final era and the lessons of the events of our time can be summed up in one general cry:
"Return unto Me, saith the Lord of Hosts, and I will return unto you" (Zechariah 1); "Return unto Me, ye backsliding children; I will hear your backslidings." That is the lesson of lessons, and from it all the others, the individual lessons are to be learned.

The events surrounding the Iraqi attack and conquest of Kuwait are things to be studied, learned, to be engraved on the tablet of our hearts. For there are so many lessons to be learned here, so many lessons that the Almighty pleads with us to learn before terrible tragedy strikes.

One: The Arab world is populated with people who are filled with hate and cruelty, ambition for power and lust for ascendancy. They are people for whom truth, a promise and pledge are totally meaningless things, without the slightest moral or ethical value, meant to be used as weapons and means to achieve whatever goal strikes the fancy at that time. The fact is that whatever the Iraqis said and did was part of one huge tissue of lies. The cover of meeting with the Kuwaitis to ostensibly work toward a settlement was a lie. The claim that they were called in by Kuwaitis rebelling against the government was a lie. The greatest truth of the Middle East is that the Arabs simply lie.

Of course, it is not only Iraq. Every time (and that means many times) slaughter breaks out in Lebanon, there is a call for a truce. Any particular outbreak of violence is certain to give birth to at least a dozen "truces", each one broken whenever any side feels that it has an opportunity to benefit from the breach. A promise, a word, a treaty in the Arab world is a weapon in the game of acquisition, and the person who takes an Arab's word seriously deserves his punishment if for no other reason than that he is a fool.

The lesson? We would be worse than foolish to trust the Palestinians. We would be murderers of our loved ones. Saddam Hussein is not a person - he is a concept. Every Arab ruler is a Saddam Hussein, and given the opportunity, they behave like him. Anwar Saddat who attacked across the Suez Canal on Yom Kippur was Saddam. And we, who gave away a huge land mass and moved the border to within 60 miles of Tel Aviv, are mad. And Husnei Mubarak is a Saddam and when he feels that his opportunity is ripe, will strike at Israel. And Hussein of Jordan, the little king, in 1967 smelled that opportunity for himself and attacked Israel.

There is no truth, no honesty, no word, no loyalty among the Arabs. Yesterday's enemy is today's "friend", and Jordan can massacre the PLO and then a PLO terrorist can assassinate a Jordanian minister and drink his blood, and tomorrow they can be "allies". Yesterday, Syria tried to do to Jordan what Iraq did to Kuwait; today they are "brothers". There is a diseased soul in the Arab world. Learn the lesson.

Two: To everyone who has told me (and I cannot begin to count the ways), that the reason we cannot expel the Arabs is that the world will not accept it: Why is it that Saddam Hussein was not worried about "the world"? Why is it that the Iranians were not worried about "the world"? Why is it that the Esaus of the world never worry about what all the other Esaus might say and do? Why is it that only Jacob sits about all day watching tragedy grow and awesome and terrible future come closer and refuses to act normally because of "the world" and what it might do and say? Why is it that Saddam is prepared to do a terrible thing and not fear "the world" and Jews are not ready to do a mitzvah that will save them, i.e. throwing out the Arabs, because of the world? Learn the lesson.

Three: The real and natural reaction in the Arab world was one of awe and respect for a man who wasted no time in diplomatic niceties but used power and strength. And here is the key to the Arab and Middle Eastern mind - strength and power is what impresses, not goodness and morality. When Israel was perceived by the Arabs to be strong and tough, they hated her but feared her and cowered in terror. Each time that Israel, consistent with her Hellenistic-influence, grants insane concessions, it is not perceived by the Arabs as "goodness" but as weakness, and the weak in the Middle Eastern jungle are ripe for the slaughter. Learn the lesson.

The Iraqi dictator has become a hero to the Palestinians who see in his actions the only way to deal with Israel. They dream that his moves, in defiance of the world, will be adopted by other Arab states against Israel. That is why the PLO supports him. He has brutally taken over another Muslim state - does that matter? Not the slightest in the jungle of beasts and wild animals that comprises the Arab world. Learn the lesson.

Five: From this lesson comes forth another lesson. The Iraqi move will embolden the Israeli Arabs inside the Jewish state to intensify their attacks on her. The so-called "intifada" will grow and expand inside Israel and give Iraq greater reason to intensify its own threats against Israel's existence until the madman who typifies so much that is the Arab megalomaniac mind may be driven by dreams of modern-day Saladanism, to launch his missiles and chemicals against the Jewish State. Already we have seen the demonstrations by Israeli Arabs on behalf of Saddam, a man who threatened to incinerate Israel. The Arabs of Israel are possessed by a hatred of the Jewish state that transcends their fear of being incinerated along with the Jews. And we allow them to remain and grow and become a fifth column cancer within our midst. Madness! Learn the lesson that cries out two things:

a. Remove the Israeli Arabs now, before it is too late.
b. Strike at Iraq now, before that, too, is too late. And that is the next lesson:

Six: It is only a mater of time before Saddam, drunk with the adulation of his people and the Arab world, and seeing himself as one of the great Arab heroes of history, takes it upon himself to do that which the Arab world had dreamed of doing for 42 years - wiping out Israel.

Every day that passes sees Saddam's nuclear and chemical power and potential grow. Israel's interests are not those of the United States. America seeks to protect the oil fields and the "moderate" Arab states. Our concern is not that; ours is knowledge that even if Saddam should capitulate to all American demands and retreat from Kuwait, he remains to continue his progress to nuclear weapons, even more awesome chemical and biological ones, and the ever-more sophisticated means of delivering them.

The U.S. wishes Israel to stay out of the fray. It wants Israel neither to be seen nor heard, lest that harm U.S. interests in the Arab world. It certainly does not want Israel to bomb Iraq, despite the fact that Iraq's main and hallowed target is Israel. The nuclear bombs of Iraq are not aimed and never will be aimed at Washington. They will be at Israel.

Israel's interests are not those of the United States, and we should do only what is best for us. One can feel for American hostages, and in great measure they are there now because George Bush waited and allowed the Iraqis time to round them up and place them as hostages inside the sensitive Iraqi targets. But all that is ultimately irrelevant. Just as the U.S. did nothing for Israeli hostages and really could not have cared less, so must Israel disregard American interests when its survival is at stake.

Every day Saddam moves closer to perfecting weapons of awesome mass destruction. Now, now, now, before he can wipe out, G-d forbid, hundreds of thousands of our people, is the time to strike and level his potential - factories, installations, missiles. Now, now, now while the world - which we so fear - is itself in a mood of anger and fear of Iraq. Strike, destroy the man and people, who, both, have the halachic status of a
"rodef", of one who wishes to kill Jews.

Israel should never be bound by any mad, murderous, perverted ethics and immoral morality of the disturbed liberal-left axis. Never should it ever pledge not to strike a first blow. If the need arises or if Israel even perceives the need arising, it must strike first. And never should Israel ever fall into the trap of banning any kind of weapon. There is nothing in any way less "moral" about a huge weapon of mass destruction than a small one. Any weapon that is used to kill people in an immoral war is bad. Any weapon used to kill vicious enemies in a war of survival is a

Israel should make no bones about, and should not be shy in any way about telling the world that it plans to have one of the world's most potent and efficient arsenals of what is stupidly called "unconventional weapons". Israel faces cruel, vicious, irrational Arabs whose "conventional" forces far outnumber Israel's and who are working feverishly to obtain nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and the missiles to deliver them. Israel should have every possible weapon of mass destruction imaginable and deal with the question, "but will that not give the Arabs an excuse to do the same," with the nausea it deserves.

It is best that no one bomb. But it is better, far, far better, to bomb than to be bombed. It is better to gas than to be gassed. And when dealing with Saddams and Arabs - that is the only language they will ever understand. Learn the lesson.

Seven: The last and most important lesson, without which all the others will avail us nothing. Return unto G-d, quickly, now, now, now. We and all that is ours are in His hands. The Saddams of this world are as nothing before Him, and yet, everything, if G-d hides His face from us. Of course, we must strike at Saddam, but the hawks of this world who devour shrimps are too small to help the Jewish people. They understand nothing that is Jewish. And yet, the lesson is so clear, the lesson of G-d and history.

Two things are the call for the hour: Return to the Lord, G-d of Israel. And wipe out Iraq's power. Now.

By Rabbi Meir Kahane
September - October, 1990
Kahane Magazine
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