I Am Not Afraid

It�s patently obvious, to any thinking person, that tragedy is just beyond the corner, with the very existence of the Jewish state hanging in the balance. And it is equally obvious that you, the sane members of Knesset from the religious and national camp, have fell captive to the leftist terror, to the �Saridism� - which has succeeded in paralyzing you with fright. For you know that the minute you say something which is nationalistic or normal, the leftist dog will bark: �racism�, �racism� - and from this you tremble.

The terror of the left has riddled you with fear and guilt. Their goal is to keep you silent  in the face of their attempt to liquidate the Jewish state. Jews are murdered, missing, cities are quickly turning into Arab ones as Jews flee, Jewish girls are going astray and assimilating - and not only are you too frightened to do anything about it, but you are even afraid to say the word �Arab�, lest it be construed as racism. I am not afraid. I am not a racist. I am a Zionist Jew. I am a sane Jew. I know that the Jewish nation returned to its land in order to establish a Jewish state, which means a state with a majority of Jews, for only this will ensure Jewish sovereignty, for only thus will we be masters of our fate.

Rabbi Meir Kahane
Knesset Speech
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