A Declaration Of War

Some forty years after Hitler's war-to-the-death against the Jews, it has returned. Throughout the West, there is, as yet an undeclared war which grows in intensity and brazenness; which is fed by the socio-economic political crisis, compounded by jealousy and envy; which finds its outlet in such varied places as lower class bars and intellectual newspaper columns and editorials.

The crosshairs of Jew-hatred are fixed on Jewish bodies and world Jewry stands threatened by a dual danger: One, the Jew-haters themselves. Two, the Jewish leaders, small, myopic and un-Jewish, who refuse to want to see the danger and in so many cases whose socio-economic status drives them to deny it and to delude the Jews who look to them for guidance.

But those who have eyes and ears and the desire to use them regardless of the terrible things that they will bring into the Jewish consciousness - know that there is indeed deadly danger to the Jew of the exile. Untold numbers of Jewish institutions - synagogues, schools and clubs have been attacked and vandalized with the news hushed up at the advice of the Jewish establishment.

Bombings and murders of Jews in Europe, attacks that could not be buried, presage similar outrages on North American soil. (How many synagogues hire protective services or security guards in order to insure safety?) The news media aggravates and heats the climate of Jew-hatred that grows from the terrible economic-social-racial-political-military crisis in a West that faces disaster.

And from this comes forth the first attack on Jews and their institutions, the little acorn from which grow the great oaks of Auschwitz. The attacks will grow worse and with each phase the boldness and brazenness will have a life of their own. Brazenness will beget assault which in turn will give birth to even greater boldness. Jewish apathy, fear and the stupid policy of ignoring and burying the incident will only reinforce in the minds of the Jew-haters the image of the weak, pathetic, frightened Jew and thus assure the growth of the Jew-hating cancer.

One does not ignore Jew-haters. One does not picket or debate Jew-haters. One smashes Jew-haters in the path of the true Jewish tradition that cries out:
"if one comes to slay you, slay him first." For let there be no mistake, the Jew-haters of the last resort very much want to kill Jews and the atmosphere in the West is one that is ripe for the growth of such people. We ignore them at our peril. We follow the blind, tiny, Gentilized Jewish leaders at our peril. We are at war and do not even know it. Let us know it and let us take the steps to smash our enemies before they do so to us, Heaven forbid.

I have said for many years; I repeat it again: The ultimate, the only, permanent solution for Jewish survival is Aliyah, emergency immigration to Israel. That is Judaism, that is sanity. I will continue to cry out to my last day. But the Jews of the United States, of Canada, of the West are not clever Jews. They refuse to want to see. They deliberately shut their minds and so they are not prepared to leave - yet. And so as long as they stay, there is a need for a powerful defense movement to crush our enemies as best as we can, so as to gain time that may open Jewish eyes to the need to go home.

And so, because I see the terrible growth of Jew-hatred on both sophisticated and crude levels alike; because I see its rise both on the streets and in the taverns as well as in corporate rooms and editorial ones; because I know that it is important and possible to crush localized and still-small hate groups and haters; because we must win as much time as possible to convince Jews that they indeed must go home to Israel - I have instructed the Jewish Defense League to devote itself to the business of hard core defense of Jews.

I call upon the Jewish Defense League to declare war on the physical enemies of the Jewish people. Yes, nothing less than war. And let it be borne in mind again and again that those who hate us and would degrade us and destroy us that our declaration is a call to them that we have heard their challenge and that
never again will Jews ignore it.

And so let our enemies hear the Jewish reply:

*A declaration of war on the organized Haters: The Nazis, The Klan and all others who have banded together against the L-rd and his anointed people. Let them know that we hear their calls for the physical destruction of the Jew and in response we recognize nothing of their "rights." Those who would gas and exterminate Jews have no rights; not to march and not to speak and not to live in peace. Their offices, homes and meetings can not be sanctuaries. Let them taste the Jewish wrath.

*A declaration of war on those who are not organized but who take perverse pleasure in their individual Jew-hatred by attacking Jews, synagogues, cemeteries and institutions. Let them know that should their names be learned, they will be guaranteed a Jewish response above and beyond that of any slap on the wrist of a court of law. Those who think that an attack on Jews is "kicks" will learn that the response comes in the form of those to the head.

*A declaration of war on those who oppress Jews wherever they may be.

*A declaration of war against the "anti-Zionists" of the left and the Arab-Third-World clique. Those who would destroy Israel, would destroy the Jewish state. Those who would destroy the Jewish state declare war on Jews.

But all this calls for the utmost organization, dedication and funds and so I have requested that the JDL begin an immediate organizing campaign:

To train members in combat self-defense so as to produce proficient JDL hand to hand and weapons fighters.

To create a specially trained uniformed Jewish Defense Corps of physically strong Jews, expert fighters and weapons users. They will be on instant call to react or act upon acts of Jew-hatred and their perpetrators.

3. To train all Jews, regardless of membership in JDL, in both weapons and hand to hand combat. Along with this, the urging of all Jews to purchase and own legal weapons so that the majority of Jewish homes will be armed.

4. To open both summer and all year camps and training grounds; rifle and pistol clubs and clubs for strength building and weapons training.

5. To infiltrate and monitor the hate groups on every level.

6. To create classes in Jewish Identity, Judaism and pride so that every JDL member will grow both in Jewish spirit as well as body and that the JDL be a group of sober, sound and strong defenders of their people and not allow those who seek violence for its own sake.

7. To use the news media cleverly and proficiently to publicize the declaration and to warn our enemies that we do not seek their love - only their cautious decision to leave Jews alone, lest they rue the day that they thought that Jewish blood was still cheap.

8. And with every opportunity to cry ever more loudly: Jews go home!

A powerful JDL can do many things on a localized and relatively small scale, but on the day when the dam bursts and the western flood sweeps wildly over the nations, no one will save you and in the end - only Aliyah, only the haven of a Jewish homeland.

And so let the Jew of pride and strength find his or her place in the ranks of the Jewish Defense League. A powerful Jewish fist attached to a strong Jewish head.

By Rabbi Meir Kahane
May, 1983
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