I Am My Brother's Keeper

Knesset Chariman and distinguished Knesset:

�And Yaakov rent his clothes, and put sackcloth on his loins, and mourned for his son many days. And all his sons and all his daughters rose up to comfort him; but he refused to be comforted...�

Yaakov Avinu mourns over his son Yosef. He thinks that an evil beast has devoured him. What a tragic scenario of a father who thinks that his dearest son is dead, eaten by an evil beast. He thinks so because the brothers, the brothers of Yosef, the same brothers who threw their brother into the pit, who sold him to foreigners bring his blood stained coat as proof that indeed he was devoured by an evil beast. And the elderly father is broken by this horrible thought, and cries over his dead son, so to speak. He refuses to be comforted. And all this time, Yosef is still alive - a Jew who has been stolen and sold to strangers by his brothers...

Members of Knesset, where are the founding fathers of this nation who sold their brothers from Yemen? I am talking about hundreds of Yemenite children, children of pure, innocent, weak Jews who came to Israel when it was established, and were stolen by their brothers, leftists from the Mapai
who controlled the state back then. They sold them to strangers, without shame, in a frightening act of blatant racism. I am speaking about Jewish children who were stolen from their parents, when their brothers were running the country, who came and lied to their poor fathers and mothers, as they forged documents to cover their sin, their atrocious crime. And they lied to the poor parents saying to them: "your children are dead, an evil beast has devoured them." But the fact is, it is they who are the evil beasts�

Members of Knesset, if our holy Torah cries over one Yaakov and one Yosef, what can we possibly say about hundreds of Yemenite children who were intentionally stolen and still missing up until this day, whose fathers and mothers refuse to be comforted? During these insane days of secular liberalism and humanism, where are the voices that cry out over these
hundreds of Jewish children?

Where is Sarid and his
erev rav? Where is the wild beast from Mapam? Where is merciful Shuli of Meretz? They are quiet about it, because they know that the perpetrators of this crime were their own people. This is the racism of the enlightened left towards the Sefardi Jews. Do you think it even entered their minds to do something like this to children whose mothers and fathers are from Poland or Hungary?

Members of the Knesset, I am my brothers keeper. I am a keeper for my brother, the children of Yemen�

By Rabbi Meir Kahane
Knesset Speech
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