Benjamin Shall Raven As A Wolf

"Benjamin shall raven as a wolf; In the morning he shall devour the prey, and at night he shall divide the spoil." (Genesis 49:27)

Honorable Mr. Chairman, honorable Knesset, happy are the days of our youth which have not shamed us in our old age. Yesterday, in Jerusalem's Old City, my son Binyamin Ze'ev was arrested with a few other young people from the Kach movement, for coming to the aid of Jews who were being attacked by Arabs. As a Jewish father, I'm proud that my son was among some brave Jews who hit back at the despicable, aggressive Arabs thirsty for Jewish blood.

As a Jewish father, I am proud that my son and the young Kachniks learned the true Torah of Moshe in its entirety, which demands love of Israel and revenge on the
goyim who antagonize Hashem's people. As a Jewish father, who sees and is ashamed of the tragedy, the abandonment and the national disaster visited upon the people, the people of Israel who are prisoners in the hands of small-minded dwarfs, Hellenistic gentilized leaders. I call out to my wise, brave son, sitting in jail now, I call out to all of those wise, brave young people of the Kach movement who were arrested for defending Jewish honor - I call out to all of them, the words of King Solomon, may he rest in peace: "My son, if your heart is wise, my heart will be happy."

And so, happy are the days of our youth which have not shamed us in our old age...

In the very same Jerusalem where my son and his friends from Kach were arrested yesterday for defending Jewish honor, Arabs run wild every single day, throwing stones at Jews, fearlessly beating Jews, stabbing Jews, as the local police stand helpless, their hands tied by insane orders. Impotent. There is no security in Jerusalem today. People are afraid to walk around in the capital of the State, to come to the Kotel, to Damascus Gate, they're afraid to visit their ancestors' graves on the Mt. of Olives. A shame and a disgrace, a Chilul Hashem!

Members of Knesset, the Arabs are incinerating the State. In their villages, they are collecting weapons in vast quantities, and they are murdering Jews. Jews are afraid to travel on the Wadi Ara road. Jewish children grow up in fear of the Arabs among them. This, while our enemies are fortified by self-confidence, they are increasing in number today, they are having babies at an alarming rate. And why not? We, a foolish people and unwise, pay them National Insurance for every child. They will be the majority here. The problem is not stones, the problem is demography and perverted and distorted democracy.

They murder us, and the pitiful Minister of Defense dismisses it by saying: �The army cannot defend every Jew, so the citizen must defend himself.� This is what the Minister of Defense said: �The citizen must defend himself.� And if he does defend himself, what happens? Arrest, trial and jail. A Jewish soldier, an Ethiopian, killed an Arab in Gaza; in his capacity as a soldier, he killed an Arab in Gaza, and he deserves what? He deserves a citation. What he got was a year in jail. He is now sitting in jail number 6. We are living in one big insane asylum! We are captives in the hands of dwarfs. The little Prime Minister smiles serenely and proclaims: �It'll be OK, we shall overcome.� In the meantime, every week another Jew is murdered.

The government of asses, the government of serious wrongdoing, and the most serious of all - inside Israel, inside Jerusalem, inside the Knesset of Israel, sit MKs who incite to rebellion, who are traitors. A fifth column within us. Haters of Israel who dream of destroying the State, the Jewish State.

MK Darawshe sits here, an Arab Knesset member who gets interviewed by the magazine "Al Achbar" in Cairo and speaks of the Intifada. A member of the Knesset from Israel speaks about the Arab rebellion against the State, in whose Knesset he sits. He speaks of the rebellion which is intended to murder Jews, to wipe them out, and calls upon Arab states to assist in the rebellion, to help the rebels, our enemies. He sits here. Shamir, Peres - No reaction, no voice, no reply. Where are they? They are nowhere to be found.

And then there's MK Ziad, who wrote a song of praise to the Egyptian tanks that ran over the bodies of IDF soldiers in the Yom Kippur War; and Miari, the man of El-Arad, a hater of Israel who was arrested for treason and who sat in the Knesset plenum and said in January of this year: �This (arrest) is a great honor.� This is a great honor? Maybe to him it's honorable. To us, it's a shame and a disgrace. If this man had sat in the Syrian parliament and said something like that, they would have hanged him.

Gentlemen, know this: No more silence and apathy. No longer will there be blind obedience here. The people have come to the end of their patience. We cannot continue like this. I sit among them, I come to them, I hear their suffering. If we don't take do something about the Arab attackers among us, G-d forbid, the people will rise and revolt, and that, nobody wants.

Rabbi Meir Kahane
June, 1988
Knesset Speech
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