The Anti-Semites

There are groups today that, like furtive jackals, creep into the areas of tension, fear, and frustration and grow fat on its terrible fruits. All the elements of totalitarianism are present, and they lie in the hot summer sun waiting to be harvested by the proper demagogues. There are fascist and Nazi-like groups of all kinds to be found in every part of the country. Their common bond is hatred. They hate the black man, the �un-Americans,� the Left, and the �destroyers of the Republic.�  But most of all they hate the Jew. Others may be held in contempt or in fear, but for the Jew there is all this and more. He is also hated. In the minds and writings of the Haters, it is the Jew who is responsible for all the problems. He created all the other enemies of the American way of life, and �look at all the Jewish names of Leftists and un-Americans.� He is responsible for blacks and subversives and the Left. He is the architect of American defeats in the world. Behind every bad man is the Jew, and he must be eliminated lest America go under.

The radical Right speaks openly of gas chambers and of eliminating the Jew. Groups train with arsenals of light and heavy weapons. Efforts are made to recruit officers from the armed forces and in the state and local police corps. Every day, untiring efforts are made to persuade other Americans to back the cause and to bring it to power. A campaign to sow hysteria and a sense of urgency to �save the Republic� rages. There are tens of such organizations and hundreds of hate publications that reach millions of Americans. Many of these millions believe what they read and hear. All of them begin to think about it, and times of crisis breed a mood of receptiveness which inclines the ear to words which would otherwise be rejected as lunacy. Evil is born among men who are afraid; tyranny is accepted by those who are insecure.

Others will dismiss this with the time-honored Jewish custom of playing the numbers game: There are only a handful of extremists. How many members have they? What can they do? Let us not be paranoid� This is the argument given by too many Jewish leaders and groups. Let us learn not to play this numbers game. A nation need not have a majority of people who are anti-Semites or extremists to be faced with a serious danger.
Few extremist groups have ever seized power as a majority. The Bolsheviks were an incredibly small part of the Russian people when they took power. Nazi party membership comprised a small minority of the German people and yet it was able to take power legally. The Nazis were able to persuade well over 40 percent of the German people to vote for them.

Extremists do not need vast numbers of people. They seek only a fairly sizable group, dedicated, disciplined, and ready to work and sacrifice. Then, aided by the proper political, social and economic conditions, helped by the �neutrality� and apathy of the majority, unopposed by potential victims who refuse to recognize the danger - they move to power.

Is the fear of anti-Semitism and the growth of a far Right tyranny in the United States so farfetched? Is it really paranoid? The hard core extremist Right, with its adoration of Hitler and its Nazi-like emblems, represents only the tip of an iceberg.

Many otherwise respectable and decent conservative and patriotic groups, most of whose members are genuinely frightened and disturbed by domestic and foreign trends, also harbor within their membership individuals who are extremists and haters of all kinds. These groups are constantly at the mercy of efforts by the extremists to take control of them and their policies. The growth of problems and fears will tend to radicalize former moderates of the decent Right and lead it and them into the extremist camp.

Tens of millions of other Americans who are unaffiliated with any other group receive publications and propaganda from the Haters. The individuals do not officially join extremist groups but they comprise a vast arsenal of potential ammunition for them. Each time that the Haters flood these people with literature, more seeds have been sown. The seeds become food for thought for people who, long before this, were disturbed by events. Someday, given the proper soil, sun and rain, these seeds could sprout forth into a terrible and awesomely large crop.

By Rabbi Meir Kahane
Never Again
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