A Jewish State Pt. 7: Policies And Programs (Cont'd)

Because the Jewish child is shaped by his environment and because a Jewish state would be an abomination in any other form, the public character of the state would be Jewish. There would be no stores or restaurants that would publicly sell non-kosher food, or which wave leavened bread, chametz, about on Passover. Book stalls and newspaper kiosks would no longer titillate and destroy Jewish minds and souls with pornography, and movies and theaters would no longer be free to stand on the soapbox of "freedom of expression and art" to demolish the purity and sanctity of the Jewish soul.

And no one would be permitted to murder unborn children - abortion would be regulated by Jewish law, permitted only in the case of danger to the mother. And missionaries would be allowed to proselytize in China but not in the Jewish State, and Mormon Centers and other such places of soul-snatching would be closed down and nationalized. People of other faiths who are not idolaters would be afforded complete freedom to pray and worship and observe as they choose, but never,
ever to proselytize. And an end would be put to the awful threat of the splitting of Jews into two different peoples, one unable to marry with the other. The definition of who is a Jew would be clear and uniform, as it was before the deniers of Divine halakha rose to defraud it. A Jew would be defined only as one born to a Jewish mother or converted according to authentic halakha.

And normal and acceptable decency in dress would be demanded and the foreign tourists who flock to Israel and its Eilats would be greeted at the airports with polite welcomes to the Holy Land and with instructions on how they are expected to behave and dress and conduct themselves in our Holy Land. And intermarriage and sexual relations between Jews and gentiles would be forbidden by law; respect for the gentile would be demanded, but that would not include sharing his or her bed.

The Talmud tells us that G-d would not give the Children of Israel the Torah until they put up a pledge, a guarantee. That pledge and that guarantee was their children. We have no intention of losing our pledge, our children. Our sacred oath and obligation is to shape them and produce yet another Jewish generation, yet another link in the golden chain of Judaism, a generation that is holy and decent and proud and free of all the ugliness of western license and anarchy that is packaged as "freedom."

And Jews would be free to do what they please in terms of sports and vacations and leisure,
But the Sabbath day shall be holy. No one would check to see what the Jew does in the privacy of his home, but the public character of the Sabbath would be respected and demanded.

The Temple Mount, holiest site in all of Judaism, would be freed of the Moslem outrage and contempt for Judaism and its holy places. The Moslems would be taken down from there along with their mosques, which would be carefully removed to any other site where the Moslems can then worship in peace.

And finally. The Jewish people, with their financial genius, have made countless nations wealthy and prosperous. All the more reason to stand in astonishment as the Jews, finally achieving their dream of their own state, have plied its economy as shoemakers instead of financial wizards. The country is riddled with economic inefficiency; it is in shambles. What can possibly be the cause of this incredible phenomenon? The answer is clear. Israel is a country which refuses to allow people to breathe economically. It is a place of economic strait-jacket and strangulation. In the United States, a person who seeks to open a store finds a vacant location and opens a store. Not so in Israel. There, the act of opening a store is an adventure. Licenses must be obtained and innumerable and frustrating visits made to a dozen governmental offices and bureaucrats. And then taxes. All manner of taxes, invented by a genius or a demon. The heavy hand of the bureaucrat and government forces people to be thieves or go out of business. Foreign investors, Jews, good ones, good Zionists, want very much to invest in Israel rather than Mexico or South Korea. But coming to Israel and meeting with the government bureaucrats, they go through the seven circles of Jewish hell. In the end, they leave, in anger and frustration, and do indeed build their factory in Mexico or South Korea.

What is the matter with us? Do we not understand that Israel needs investment and business? Do we not know that business gives jobs to Jews, and factories produce and export goods and bring in badly needed hard currency? Do we not see Israelis who leave the country in disgust and then, going to America or Canada or Europe, work with an energy and effort no one dreamed they possessed? What is our problem?

Do we not know that Israel cannot continue to remain as some
shtetl beggar, with its hand out to America and Germany and the UJA and Israel Bonds? That Israel must learn to stand on its own feet and work and produce and export? Of course we do. But those who run Israel also know that political power comes out of the barrel of economic power and the government bureaucracy deliberately adopts its agonizing policy of choking and throttling and frustrating the individual so that finally the spirit of independence within him is crushed and he bows to the fact that he needs the government and must play its game. And that is why the Israeli power Establishment really does not want western Aliyah. For western Jews, raised in independence, have been taught to look upon government as serving them, whereas that attitude is anathema to totalitarian types. The socialists who founded Israel prefer the East European Jews and those of Arab lands who accept government's fiat much more pliably. They want western money but not western Jews.

If we want Israel to grow and economically expand and prosper, there is an immediate need to dismantle the socialist bureaucratic system that strangles the individual Jew and prevents him from striking out on his own economic path. Only free enterprise that brings in investment and that encourages domestic capitalism and incentive will allow Israel to escape its present position as a beggar basket-case. And only the dismantling of the socialist bureaucracy and ingrained vested interests of the political Establishment will bring in Jewish funds to build factories and give jobs, will allow the "black money" to come out of Swiss bank accounts and from under the tiles, will stop the flow of money and people from Israel.
Cut the taxes, do not raise them. Allow people to gamble with their money in business, in the hope of making a profit. No need for arbitrary permits and licenses. Let the people breathe! This will be the economic underpinning of the Jewish State.

Of course, this would dismantle the political power of the Establishment. Of course it would be bitterly fought. No matter, the Jewish State transcends political parties and bosses. And another economic need. Jews must once again learn to work with their hands and be prepared to do so, for wages that are fair and capable of allowing them to support their families. Every soldier, regardless of his background, who is drafted into the army for his three-year service, would - in his second year - be taught a manual trade. Every single one. Then, in the third year, except for intervals of army training, he would be sent home - but still be in the army. And as part of that military service, he will have to report each morning to the labor exchange (employment bureau) and work in his field. Why should Arabs and other non-Jews build our houses and do our manual work? Who did these things before the Six-Day War? A normal state must have normal people who work.

A Jewish State. Strong in body and powerful in soul. With mighty right arm and mighty faith in G-d. This is what, please G-d, will be.

By Rabbi Meir Kahane
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