A Jewish State Pt. 6: Policies And Programs

With the help of G-d, a state will be established whose first and primary concern and action will be to build a proud and loyal and believing Jewish youth, a youth to whom we would restore their spiritual identity card. We would establish a program of education aimed at creating Jewish identity, proud and maximum and certain.

All the public schools of Israel would receive a thorough overhaul of their curriculum with a large percentage of the studies given over to Jewish content, to Judaism. Never again would youngsters say, "I am an Israeli, not a Jew." Never again would they wander about, lost and indifferent to their identity. Judaism would be taught by professional teachers who know and believe in the subject. Jewish pride would be the first order of business. A Jewish youngster would know that being Jewish is, indeed, special, and he would know the reason for that special status - Judaism, Torah from Sinai. He would wake each morning with the age-old Jewish prayer
"Ashreinu; Happy are we, how good is our portion, how sweet is our lot, and how beautiful our inheritance!" He would attend the burial of Jewish guilt and be present at the birth of the old Jew of certainty, of pride, of strength - of himself. He would know that he lives in Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel, the exclusive home of the Jewish people and of no others. He would learn the tefillin of the hand and heart and head, which give the Jew wisdom and mercy and, also, strength of arm.

All the public schools of Israel, those which today so destroy Jewish children through their paucity of Judaism (and even the Bible that is taught, is taught as Jewish "culture," a la Shakespeare in the United States and with as much value), will teach Judaism. There will be no "secular" schools to educationally castrate Jewish children. And those parents who do not desire this are free to create their own private schools where they can supervise the death of their children. But even in such a school there would be a minimal amount of Judaism, as important in the eyes of the Jewish State as are mathematics and art. The schools of Israel, the Jewish State, would, indeed, first create good Jews who may then be good doctors or pilots.

And the Jewish State would be precisely that, the State of the Jewish people, with responsibility for all the Jewish people, not only those who happen to be Israeli citizens or who live in the country. Israel was created to be the trustee of the Jewish people, their protector and defender. There are no boundaries when it comes to Jewish pain and oppression. There are no Soviet Jews or Syrian Jews or American Jews. There are only Jews who happen to live
in the Soviet Republics or in Syria or in the United States. There is one Jewish people, indivisible, and the Jewish State, which has the power and the expertise, is obligated to defend her in every way, across and within any border. When the State of Israel demands support, monetary and political, from Jews all over the world - and properly so - it is because Israel is the Jewish State.

But that is a two-way street. The Jews outside of Israel have a right to demand and expect help and support from that Jewish State. We would create a special anti-terror and Jewish defense unit that would deal with attacks on and threats to Jews outside of Israel. Let anti- Semites know that they cannot, with impunity, threaten or attack Jews in a country outside of Israel and be free from fear of Israeli retaliation. Let those who murder Jews in Turkey or Italy or France or the United States know that they, who live in Turkey or Italy or France or the United States, will die there. There would be no sanctuary for murderers of
Jews, Israeli or otherwise. And when arrangements are made to exchange prisoners, never again would Syrian soldiers be exchanged only for Israeli soldiers. There would be an exchange of Syrians for Jews, including the Jews of Syria.

At the same time, the Jewish State would overcome its fear of the reaction of the Jewish Establishment in the Exile and - for the sake of Jewish survival there - cry out: The commandment to live in the Land of Israel brings with it the threat of mass tragedy for those Jews who refuse to leave the Exile! The Jewish State is the sanctification of the Name of G-d, and to remain in the Exile, the personification of desecration, at a time when it is possible to return home, is to consciously choose to reinforce that desecration. The Almighty will never allow it, and the Exile is ending whether the Jew agrees to it or not.

The signs are already plentiful as Jew-hatred and world political conditions combine to shake the ground under the Jew in continent after continent. The Exile
will end, either in glory through mass, voluntary Jewish emigration to Israel, or through terrible tragedy, G-d forbid. There cannot be coexistence between sanctification and desecration - the Exile is therefore doomed. The Jews of the Exile, including those of the United States, face a horrible growth of Jew-hatred and anti-Semitism which will only be exacerbated by economic crisis and social upheaval. Before it is too late, they must leave the graveyard and return to Israel. It is the obligation of Zionist leaders in the Exile to take the lead in emigrating to Israel.

And there is more. There would be a national policy that would, once and for all, put an end to the insane delusion of "peace through concessions." The Jew is strictly forbidden to give up any part of the Land of Israel that has been liberated. The Land belongs to the G-d of Israel, and the Jew, given it by G-d, simply has no right to give away any part of it. All the areas liberated in 1967 would be annexed and made part of the State of Israel. Jewish settlement in every part of the Land, including cities that today are sadly Judenrein, would be unlimited. The Arabs have demonstrated time and again that they do not want peace. It is illusion and delusion to believe that the problems of the Middle East stem from a dispute over the "occupied lands of 1967" or the creation of a "Palestine" that would exist next to Israel. Those who understand the Arabs and are free of contempt for them know that the essence of the problem is the Arab belief that the Jews have stolen the
entire land from them. Arabs went to war with Israel in 1967 and 1956 when the "occupied lands" of today were in their hands. Arabs turned down the United Nations 1947 partition plan and went to war then, too. Arabs murdered Jews in the 1930's and 1920's when there was no Jewish state at all and no "Zionist Occupation Force."

There simply are no Arab "moderates" ("Jordanian" and Saudi "royalty" included). The Arabs may differ in tactics, but not in goals. Foolish Jews who call for more concessions have already cost us dearly and we will pay terribly for those concessions that have already been made on the assumption that Arab "moderates" would seek peace with Israel and ally themselves with her. Arabs in general, and the Arabs of Eretz Israel in particular, are committed to the destruction of an Israel they see as a robber state. The true issue is the refusal of the Arabs to recognize a Jewish State of any size or shape for any permanent length of time.

It is, in fact, not an Arab-Israeli issue but an Arab-Jewish one, and it is much more than a mere political dispute: It is a religious war. We should not be surprised that Christians and Moslems, who kill each other, unite against the Jews, or that a Pope meets with Moslem terrorists. The very existence of the Jewish State is proof of the truth of Judaism, a thing that neither Islam nor Christianity can accept. Peace is not possible under these circumstances, but Jews need not weep or wail. From the start, even secular Zionism was not created primarily for peace but for a Jewish State. Hopefully, it was believed, this could be accompanied by peace. But with or without peace, the primary goal was and is a Jewish State.

And Jewish self-respect and honor must be resurrected with an end to the humiliating obscenity of carefree political relations with the Amalek of our times, Germany. Was there a greater abomination than that of Israel establishing relations with Germany less than a decade after Auschwitz? And for money reparations, of course! Today, there is not the slightest feeling of shame on the part of Israelis who happily travel on business or vacation to Munich and Frankfurt and Hamburg; many of whom - 40,000 Jews (!) -
live there. There is no shame on the part of a state that regularly sends youth on cultural and sports excursions to walk on land drenched with Jewish blood. There is no shame felt when Jewish and Israeli leaders, even the "nationalist" ones of Likud, travel to Germany and eat and drink with the Germans at state dinners, or when a high-ranking German official arrives in Israel and the Israeli army band plays the German national anthem "Deutschland Uber Alles" as the new Hebrews stand at attention with respect. The Germans owe us reparations. The money does not absolve them of one sin, of one crime, of one murder. But they owe reparations for property stolen, and we owe them nothing. Political and cultural ties with the Germans would be severed and they would be expected to fulfill, to the letter, their obligations to the Jewish people.

By Rabbi Meir Kahane
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