A Jewish State Pt. 5: A State Of Jewish Totality

Let one thing be clearly known. Western democracy is not Judaism and not the form of government that Judaism postulates. Jewish leaders, particularly the rabbinical officials who say otherwise, are frauds who pervert Judaism and who twist and corrupt Torah law. Every law that is passed by any state and under any form of government, be it the purest of democracies, limits freedom, is a contradiction of "freedom." For the original state came into being on the heels of a people that was totally free. The state arose with a mandate to restrict that absolute freedom for what is accepted by almost all as the necessary greater good.

All authority, every state
per se, restricts the absolute right of free people to do as they please, but that is the very nature of state and government. We sacrifice absolute freedom for benefits that are more important to us, e.g., safety and protection from hoodlums or the enemy, as well as social and economic benefits. Numerous are the laws passed by democratic governments, laws that we oppose, find absurd, obnoxious or worse. That is not relevant to the democratic concept. Laws are not necessarily expected to be appreciated or accepted by all the citizens of a democracy. Indeed, many of the laws may be bitterly contested. As long as the majority has decided upon them and as long as the political process allows for some future change in them, the minority is expected to respect the law and the process. And there is no difference between a law that limits the right of a citizen in his economic life and that which limits his social and "personal" existence. All laws limit "personal" existence, but if done for what the majority conceives to be the good of society, the state has a right to demand that they be obeyed.

Judaism does not accept western democracy, but if, for the sake of avoiding civil war, religious Jews do agree to it, they are not lesser citizens for it. "Religious" laws are no worse in the eyes of the democratic process than economic or political ones. All laws limit man's freedom but the difference is that the so-called religious ones will help save the state from tragic Divine anger and punishment. The Jewish State that we are attempting to establish within the forced necessary democratic framework will attempt to save the Jewish people from the immutable Divine decree of reward and punishment. It will attempt to convince Jews to establish a truly Jewish State that will do away with the ugly present form, a cheap imitation of the western gentile state, a tragic copy of the worst of foreign culture. It will be an
authentic Jewish State, with authentic Jewish values, with authentic Jewish ethics and morality. And we need no critical braying from the liberal moral prostitutes and the ethical perverts of the left. Certainly, those who deliberately murder Jews and who deliberately destroyed the souls of hundreds of thousands of others should be the last to pontificate to others about "Jewish morality and ethics." We need no moral lesson from them. Nor any lesson in "Judaism" from those who so violently hate and oppose it. We know what Judaism says about morality and ethics and we know exactly within what context they are. And unlike the ignoramuses and the deliberate perverters of Judaism, we take nothing out of context from the totality of Torah.

Those who accept the totality of Torah as the precise Divine word of G-d, and accept
all of it, know what justice is and what it is not. They know the precise place in this world for kindness and for mercy and for hardness and for revenge. They know the importance of peace and the time for war, when to be merciful and when to be cruel, and they understand the Biblical words: "For everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under the Heaven."

Of course the Rabbis tell us:
"Who is honored, he who honors human beings." And, of course, the Rabbis said: "Thus did the Almighty say unto Israel: 'My children, what do I ask of you? To love each other and respect each other.'" And of course Maimonides writes: "It is a commandment to love each and every one of Israel as himself." And of course we are told: "Greet every man with peace, shalom." And of course, we are told that "the property of your comrade should be as dear to you as your own." And of course, the rabbis tell us: "Be similar to Him; just as He is merciful and gracious, so be you gracious and merciful."

And of course, we are told:
"Follow in the attributes of the Almighty - just as He clothed the naked, so you clothe the naked; just as He visited the sick, so you visit the sick; just as He buried the dead, so you bury the dead." And of course it says that "Tzedaka, the giving of money to the needy, is as great as all the other commandments combined." And of course the rabbis tell us that "Torah begins with the doing of kindness and ends with the doing of kindness" and that "anyone who denies the doing of kindness is likened to one who denies the Almighty." And of course the rabbis tell us "Let your home be open wide and let the poor be members of your household." And of course we are told that "the Almighty did not find a greater vessel to hold the blessings for Israel, save for peace." Of course, these are essentials of Judaism. But none of those who never regularly give ten percent of their income to charity need give us ethical lessons, and none of those who never voluntarily went to prison and suffered for fellow Jews need apply for the job of official chastiser. Let the hypocritical chastisers of the liberal left look at the state they have created and behold all the wonderful values of ethics and morality and holiness they have created within it...

Of course our authentic Jewish State will be one of immense justice and kindness and goodness and all the spiritual values the leftists and material secularists so hypocritically quote when they so hate and despise Judaism in its totality. But that is exactly the kind of Jewish State that is the only authentic one:
a state of Jewish totality. What kind of state will it be?

By Rabbi Meir Kahane
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