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NEW!(Feb. 2005) Visit here and download SynEdit 1.1 component help for C++ Builder users.
Hi - and sorry to the users...

This site is not yet off the scene...

Henshoo(former Bhaum) v1.23 has come tough.

Recovering out of big damage and coming up...

Still cannot receive e-mail...

In case you need the VCL40.BPL :
vcl40.zip for Synnote 1.0.

Version SR-1, which doesn't require the vcl40.bpl, is out.
It's a stand-alone application. Try it!

A user said Synnote opened a file that was 100MB in size.
After downloading, extract the vcl40.bpl into the "...\Windows\System" folder or the folder where Synnote is installed.

Next version won't demand the bpl file, I promise!

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New bugs(thanks to Vaughan of London)! ( June/23/2003 )
 Synnote v1.0 finally has come! ( March/03/2002 )
nkeem's Guest Book has been up and there. ( since February, 2002 )

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Syntax-coloring editor, 'Synnote' has been completed!

The known problem with Henshoo is finally gone!
( Nov./07/2000 )

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